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Palmers Green Safer Neighbourhood News for July 2014

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Cluster Inspector News

Inspector Nicki Reynolds

Welcome to this months newsletter. I hope you are all enjoying the good weather. Please remember that opportunities are seized by criminals when you don't review your security: If a door has a lock then please make sure you lock it when going out and at night the same goes for windows. We are experiencing higher levels of motor vehicle crime and much of this is because items are left on show or the car is not locked, if remote controlled locking please check the vehicle is locked. There have been artifice burglaries on the borough this is where the suspect pretends to be from company or needs entry because of a leak or similar in a neighbours property this is to allow them entry and when inside they then steal from the victim. Those targeted by these individuals are often the elderly or vulnerable if you have a neighbour or relative please make sure that they are aware of this and that they don't allow entry to their property unless they are certain who is at the door if they are legitimate they will wait whilst their visit is verified by the company they are representing or return on another date whereby the occupant can have a friend or family member present.

Team News

Your Dedicated Ward Officers (DWOs) on Palmers Green ward are:

  • PC Daniel Morris
  • PCSO Jennifer Arkwright
  • Ward Sergeant: PS Jenny Martin

Congratulations to PS Jenny Martin who has completed her Sergeant’s qualification and is now a substantive Sergeant.  She will now unfortunately be leaving us for pastures new and another Borough in August 2014.  We wish her every success in her new post and role.

Ward promises:

3 ward promises will be set each month.  Monthly promises and their impact will be reviewed and set at panel meetings, made up from local community and attended by Police.

  • Motor vehicle crime hotspots will be monitored for another month.
  • Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) patrols in the no drinking zone along Green Lanes corridor and specific areas due to residents complaints.
  • Cash machine patrols and theft from person in shops.





Cocooning Visits


Victim follow up visits


Neighbourhood meetings









Upcoming events

Our next drop in surgeries will be on Monday 18th August 2014, 6pm until 8pm Palmers Green Library, junction of Green Lanes and Broomfield Lane N13

Please come along and have a chat about crime or any other issues concerning policing in Palmers Green.

Crime Prevention Advice

Details have been taken from recorded crimes for Palmers Green Ward between 1st June and 30th June 2014.  There were 129 crimes recorded on Palmers Green Ward between the above dates. 

There were 9 residential burglaries with 2 attempted, 1 non-dwelling and 0 attempted non-dwelling. 

Locations for last month’s burglaries are:  

  • NEW PARK AVENUE, 1am - 6.30am on 9th June, entry via rear garden and smashed rear patio door.  Property was alarmed and alarm set off.
  • CONNAUGHT GARDENS, 2pm - 5pm on 14th June, entry via next door’s garden, over the fence and forcing a rear door open.  Property was alarmed and alarm went off and was smashed off the wall.
  • FARNDALE AVENUE, 10.20pm - 7.44am between 14th and 15th June, entry via open side garden where the side door was forced open. 
  • THE LARCHES, 6.45am - 3.56pm on 16th June, entry via the garden and the patio door was forced open.  Property was alarmed and alarm was set and damaged.
  • ULSTER GARDENS, 2.30pm - 2.45pm on 17th June, entry via the rear garden from the alleyway and forced open a rear door.
  • CONNAUGHT GARDENS, 12.30am - 12.35am on 20th June, entry via front window which was forced open.  Property was alarmed and alarm set off scaring off the suspect.
  • MINTERN CLOSE, 12.45pm - 1310pm on 25th June, entry via front door which was forced open breaking the door.  Property was alarmed and alarm set off.
  • DEVONSHIRE ROAD, 4.10pm - 7pm on 25th June, entry via open communal door and insecure flat door.
  • FARNDALE AVENUE, 9am - 12,01am between 27th and 28th June, entry via the ungated rear garden and kitchen window which was forced open after the suspect failed to force the door.

Attempted burglaries have been: 

  • FARNDALE AVENUE, 4.30pm - 8am between 14th and 15th June, entry attempted by forcing open the side gate and trying to force open the side door.
  • ASH GROVE, 9.45am - 2.45pm on 30th June, entry has been attempted on the porch door and the front bay window.  No entry was gained.

Non dwelling burglaries and attempted non dwelling have taken place:

  • GREEN LANES N13, 1am - 6.30am on 9th June, entry has been gained by forcing a rear shutter off its roller and the forcing the double doors behind it open.

The majority of our burglaries have been broken into from the rear of the houses this month.  Please lock side gates and if there is an alleyway behind your house please lock the alleygate after you have used it.

There were 2 robberies this month.  One was on Arnold Gardens where the victim got off the bus on the North Circular Road N13 and was followed to Arnold Gardens where the victim handed a phone  over after the suspect intimated he had a knife.  The second was in Lodge Drive car park where the victim met some old friends and one of them stole his phone.

There have been 9 thefts from motor vehicles and 4 theft of motor vehicles.

Theft from motor vehicles have taken place in the following roads:  Crawford Gardens, North Circular Road, Hazelwood Lane, Hamilton Crescent x2, Hedge Lane, Farndale Avenue x2, New Park Avenue, Barrowell Green, Lightcliffe Road N13.

Theft of motor vehicles have taken place in the following roads: Mintern Close, Riverway, Park Avenue, Palmerston Crescent, Lightcliffe Road N13.


There have been a number of BMW owners who have had the mirrors of their electric wing mirrors stolen.  The thieves have forced the wing mirrors from their closed positions damaging the electrics and taken the mirror.

We have also had reports of fuel being stolen from Mercedes cars via the petrol cap and the fuel being suctioned out.

Please be aware of where you have parked your car and vigilant of this type of activity overnight as this is when it has occurred. 

If your car is parked on a drive you may consider having CCTV installed to cover your property.

If your car is parked on a street, try to park in a well lit area and near any CCTV cameras.

Consider cutting back hedges and shrubbery to be able to observe the road clearly.



On talking to a number of residents, if seem residents have become confused by the 3 numbers provided to them to call police on; 999, 101, and 02087212835.

999 – Urgent calls or emergency calls (24hours/7 days).  It really is a matter for the individual as to what they deem urgent.  Hopefully common sense prevails.  On calling 999 the operator should advise you accordingly.   For example, if our occupier had opened their curtains to enquire on the light activation/ shadow and someone was trying to force their door, it must be ‘999’ straight away. If there is a crime in progress then we need to get officers there as quick as possible.  The operator would grade the attendance as immediate and officers aim to be on scene within 15 minutes arriving in traditional blue light fashion and hopefully catching our burglar.

101 - However if our occupier had discovered marks the next morning on the door frame then the suspect was clearly long gone but as there may be fingerprints or traces of blood our occupier is encouraged to report the incident to police.  This would be an example when the use of the 101 number (24hours/7days) is appropriate.  The operator will take down details and grade the call with a ‘Significant’ response.  This means a slightly slower attendance time of up to 60 minutes or via an appointment at a time convenient to the caller. Arrangements will also be made for a Scenes of Crime Officer to also attend and conduct an examination for forensics. Local enquiries will also be conducted for possible witnesses i.e. knocking on your neighbours’ doors will start.

Subsequant to either initial attendance our occupier should receive a visit/contact from a Local Policing Team Officer over the next 24-72hrs. This officer attending will be able to offer such things as a Crime Prevention Survey and Crime Prevention Advice Leaflet (Burglary Pack) to our occupier and offer any appropriate assistance and advice. Further enquires would also be made with neighbours both sides and opposite to try and trace witnesses and inform them of the local crime. If there is no reply from knocking at their neighbours a Burglary Alert leaflet will be posted enquiring as to whether they may have seen anything and offering similar advice and crime prevention surveys.

The contact number left is 02087212835 which is the number for Palmers Green Ward. This number is not staffed 24hours/7days.  If there is no answer, please leave a message, with your name, number and address on the attached answer machine and we will get back to you the next time we are on duty.  Alternatively a similar call to 101 could be made; the details of this would be passed on to the team and given an ‘Extended’ response time of up to 72hours.


999 – URGENT attendance required – Response time of under 15mins.

101 - Police required but not as an emergency Response.

02087212835 – Palmers Green Ward residents wishing to contact their Local Policing Team for advice/arrange a visit/on going neighbourhood problems, etc. Slow time or appointment driven police attendance or communication required.

If anyone would like a crime prevention survey please contact us via telephone or if you have access to a computer email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We are in the process of updating our community contacts lists.  Please could you email us any changes to your email, address or telephone number so we can update our systems with your correct details.

If you are not currenctly a community contact and would be interested in being one please supply us with your currenct contact details.  Being a community contact involves being contacted about current issues in the London area and whether you have any information to assist us.

Useful Contacts

24/7 Police Station

  • Edmonton Police station. 462 Fore Street, Edmonton N9 0PW

Front Counters - Monday to Friday 10am-6pm

  • Enfield Police Station, 41 Baker Street, Enfield, EN1 3EU

Contact Points - Wednesday and Thursday evenings 7pm-8pm.  Saturday afternoon 2pm-3pm.

  • Hertford Road SN base, 864-866 Hertford Road, Enfield, EN3 6UD
  • Morrisons Supermarket, Aldermans Hill, N13 4YD
  • North Middlesex Hospital, main Entrance, Sterling Way, N18 1QX
  • Southgate Police Station, 25 Chase Side N14 5DW


  • PS Jenny Martin
  • Dedicated Ward Officers - PC Daniel Morris and PCSO Jennifer Arkwright
  • Telephone number 0208 721 2835



Summer Uni - free courses for young people

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The Summer Uni free courses are again available this year, for people resident or at school in Enfield aged between 13 and 19 (or up to 25 for people with a learning difficulty or disability).  Sign-up Day this year was on 19th July, but there are still a few places remaining on some courses.

Earlier this week the following places were available, though some may have gone by now (you need to hurry!)

Week 1:   28th July – 1st  August

SMART MONEY! – 13 to 19yrs - Tuesday  29th July -  10.30am to 1.30pm – John Jackson Library, Agricola Place, Bush Hill Park, EN1 1DW

Special Effects Make Up – 13 to 19yrs - Monday 28th July - 11am to 3pm - (Community Room) Edmonton Green Library 36-44 South Mall, N9 0TN

Creative Writing  – Thursday  31st July - 10.30am to 1.30pm - John Jackson Library, Agricola Place, Bush Hill Park, EN1 1DW

Stop Motion Animation – 13 to 19yrs - Monday 28th July to Friday 1st  August – 11am to 4pm – Alan Pullinger Centre, 1 John Bradshaw Rd, Southgate, N14 6BT

Young Apprentice 13 to 17yrs -Monday 28th & Tuesday 29th July - 10am to 4.30pm – EXTRAORDINARY DESIGN STUDIO, 311 Chase Road, Southgate, London N14 6JS  - map will be supplied on enrolment.

Emergency First Aid – 16 to 19yrs – Tuesday 29th July - 10.30am to 5pm  - @Unity Hub (formerly Craig Park Youth Centre) 2 Lawrence Rd, Edmonton, N18 2HN

Art Attack!  13 to 19 yrs - Tuesday 29th, Wednesday 30th, Thursday 31st July – 10.30am to 3.30pm - @Unity Hub (formerly Craig Park Youth Centre) 2 Lawrence Rd, Edmonton, N18 2HN

Band Project – 13 to 19yrs – Monday 28th July to Friday 1st August – 11am to 4pm – the Red Room @ Ponders End Youth Centre, 129 South St, Ponders End,  EN3 4PX

Week 2 :  4th August  - 8th August          

Intro to Digital Web Design – 14 to 19yrs - Monday 4th, Tuesday 5th, Wednesday 6th August – 11am to 4pm – Barnet and Southgate College, High St, Southgate, N14 6BS

Event Planning - 13 to 19yrs –  Monday 4th through till Friday 8th August. - 12 noon to 4pm from Monday to Thursday and 2pm till 10pm on the Friday (8th )  – The “Red Room”, Ponders End Youth Centre, 129 South St, Ponders End,  EN3 4PX

Design Your Own Dream Home – 13 to 19yrs - Tuesday 5th, Wednesday 6th, Thursday 7th.- 10.30am to 4.30pm -  @Unity Hub (formerly Craig Park Youth Centre) 2 Lawrence Rd, Edmonton, N18 2HN

Build your Confidence – 13 to 19 yrs -  Monday 4th August & Tuesday 5th August – 10am to 4pm – Trinity @Bowes Church & Community Centre, Palmerston Rd, Palmers Green, N22 8RA

Introduction to Domestic Electrics – 14 to 19 yrs -  Wednesday 6th August and  Thursday 7th August – 11am to 3pm - Trinity @Bowes Church & Community Centre, Palmerston Rd, Palmers Green, N22 8RA

Emergency First Aid – 16 to 19yrs – Tuesday 5th August  - 10.30am to 5pm - @Unity Hub (formerly Craig Park Youth Centre) 2 Lawrence Rd, Edmonton, N18 2HN

Movie Trailer Mash Up – 15 to 19yrs - Monday 4th August to Friday 8th August – 11am to 4pm – Alan Pullinger Centre, 1 John Bradshaw Rd, Southgate, N14 6BT

Assertiveness Techniques -  13 to 19yrs – Thursday 7th August – 10am to 4 pm - @Unity Hub (formerly Craig Park Youth Centre) 2 Lawrence Rd, Edmonton, N18 2HN

Learn to Rap – 13 to 19yrs - Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th August – 11am to 4.30pm - @Unity Hub (formerly Craig Park Youth Centre) 2 Lawrence Rd, Edmonton, N18 2HN

Singing! – 13 to 19yrs - Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th August – 11am to 4.30pm -  Ponders End Youth Centre, 129 South St, Ponders End,  EN3 4PX

Week 3:   11th August – 15th August

Band Project – 13 to 19yrs – Monday 11th August to Friday 15th August – 11am to 4pm – The Red Room @ Ponders End Youth Centre, 129 South St, Ponders End,  EN3 4PX

Tiger Monkey Film Academy – 13 to 16yrs -  Monday 11th, Tuesday 12th, Wednesday 13th, Thursday 14th and Friday 15th August – 11am to 4pm -  Forty Hall Farm, Enfield, Middlesex EN2 9HA

Accredited Manicure Diploma  – 16 to 19yrs – Wednesday 13th August  - 11am to 4pm -  (Community Room) Edmonton Green Library 36-44 South Mall, N9 0TN

Treasure Box – 13 to 19yrs -  Friday 15th August -  10am to 4.30pm - EXTRAORDINARY DESIGN STUDIO, 311 Chase Road, Southgate, London N14 6JS

Working in the City – 14 to 19yrs - Thursday 14th and Friday 15th August – 10am to 4pm – The Brokerage City Link, 65 London Wall, City of London, EC2M 5TU

Art Attack!  - 13 to 19 yrs - Tuesday 12th, Wednesday 13th, Thursday 14th Aug – 10.30am to 3.30pm - @Unity Hub (formerly Craig Park Youth Centre) 2 Lawrence Rd, Edmonton, N18 2HN

Young Apprentice  - 13 to 17yrs - Tuesday 12th & Wednesday 13th August - 10am to 4.30pm – EXTRAORDINARY DESIGN STUDIO, 311 Chase Road, Southgate, London N14 6JS

Emergency First Aid – 16 to 19yrs – Tuesday 12th August  - 10.30am to 5pm - @Unity Hub (formerly Craig Park Youth Centre) 2 Lawrence Rd, Edmonton, N18 2HN

Make Up Style! – 13 to 19yrs - Monday 11th August – 10.30 to 5pm -  Dugdale Centre – 39 London Rd – Enfield Town – EN2 6DS

Week 4:   18th  August – 22nd  August

Inspired by the World Cup? Mad about football - Wed 20th Aug • Edmonton Leisure Centre  - 9.30am-3.30pm -  13-19yrs

Singing! – 13 to 19yrs - Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st August – 11am to 4.30pm - @Unity Hub (formerly Craig Park Youth Centre) 2 Lawrence Rd, Edmonton, N18 2HN

SMART MONEY! – 13 to 19 -  Tuesday 19th Aug -  10.30am to 1.30pm – John Jackson Library, Agricola Place, Bush Hill Park, EN1 1DW

Build your Confidence – 13 to 19 yrs – Monday 18th August & Tuesday 19th August – 10am to 4pm – Trinity @Bowes Church & Community Centre, Palmerston Rd, Palmers Green, N22 8RA

Introduction to Domestic Electrics – 14 to 19 yrs -  Wednesday 20th August and Thursday 21st August – 11am to 3pm - Trinity @Bowes Church & Community Centre, Palmerston Rd, Palmers Green, N22 8RA

Tick Tock Make Your Own Clock – 13 to 19yrs -  Tuesday 19th & Wednesday 20th August - 10am to 4.30pm - EXTRAORDINARY DESIGN STUDIO, 311 Chase Road, Southgate, London N14 6JS

Emergency First Aid – 16 to 19yrs – Tuesday 19th August  - 10.30am to 5pm - @Unity Hub (formerly Craig Park Youth Centre) 2 Lawrence Rd, Edmonton, N18 2HN

Street Dance – 13 to 19yrs - Tuesday 18th, Wednesday 19th, Thursday 20th and Friday 21st  (and 25th-28th) August – 11am to 4pm - @Unity Hub (formerly Craig Park Youth Centre) 2 Lawrence Rd, Edmonton, N18 2HN

3D Sculpture – 13 to 19yrs - Wednesday 20th August  (& Tuesday 26th August) – 10am to 4pm – Millfield Arts Centre, Silver Street, N18 1PJ

Photoshop Portrait Painting – 13 to 19 yrs –Friday 22nd August – 10am to 4pm - Millfield Arts Centre, Silver Street, N18 1PJ

How to draw Marvel Comic Book Characters – 13 to 16yrs - Thursday 21st August – 10am to 4pm - Millfield Arts Centre, Silver Street, N18 1PJ

Spinkick Martial Arts – 13 to 19yrs - Tue 19th, Wednesday 20th , Thursday 21st and Fri 22nd August – 1pm to 5pm @ The Bourne Methodist Church, The Bourne, Southgate London N14 6RS.

Week 5:   25th August (bank holiday) Tuesday 26th  - 29th August – Celebration Event Thursday 28th August.

Bollywood, Afro & Latin Beats – 13 to 19yrs - Tuesday 26th, Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th    - 11am to 4pm. - @Unity Hub (formerly Craig Park Youth Centre) 2 Lawrence Rd, Edmonton, N18 2HN

To see videos with information about these courses, visit You can download a brochure with full details.  If you wish to join any of these, you need to apply immediately.  Download an enrolment form, fill it in (list up to three courses) and email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Official World War One Commemoration in Broomfield Park

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Monday 4 August 2014 – 2.00pm The War Memorial, Broomfield Park, Broomfield Lane, N13 4HE

Enfield will commemorate the centenary of the start of World War One in 1914 with an event at Broomfield Park’s War Memorial on Monday August 4.

Community leaders including the Leader of Enfield Council, Cllr Doug Taylor, Cabinet Member for Community Organisations, Cllr Yasemin Brett, the mayors of Enfield’s twin towns of Courbevoie and Gladbeck Serges Deses Maison and Ulrich Roland, as well as veterans from the armed forces and members of the public will attend the event.

Garden of Remembrance Broomfield Park


Join a focus group to discuss GP services in London

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The transformation of London’s general practice services is an agreed priority for the NHS in London. To help to understand the needs of patients and carers across London they are holding a series of focus groups with different community groups, patient groups, and users of GP services to help them understand the full range of needs.

NHS England London Region wants to hear from you. They are inviting members of the public to take part in one of their focus groups to help improve GP services across London:

  • Mums with young children (date to be confirmed)
  • Adults under 65 (14th August)
  • Adults over 65 (19th August)
  • Adults with an experience of cancer (18th August)
  • Older people who have a Long term condition (20th August)
  • Carers of young disabled children (date to be confirmed)
  • Carers (21st August) People who would describe themselves as being LGBT (27th August)
  • People who would describe themselves as being from a Black, minority or ethnic group (20th August)
  • GP Patient Practice Groups (PPG) members (28th August)
  • Please note pre registration is required to attend a focus group and participants can only attend one focus group. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register your interest or telephone 0113 807 0481.

    More details.


    Healthwatch Enfield seeking volunteers to help monitor health services in the borough

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    Would you like to help HealthWatch Enfield improve local health and social care services? Can you help them reach out to local communities and find out about their experiences as patients, carers and service users? Do you have personal experience, skills and enthusiasm to offer?

    HealthWatch Enfield welcomes and values contributions from all sections of the community, including people of all ages from 16 upwards.

    They are currently looking for volunteers for the following roles:

    Click on each heading to read a description of the role

    For more information, visit the Volunteering page on the Healtwatch Enfield website.

    Healthwatch Enfield will have a stall at the Edmonton Festival on Saturday 26th July.  They would like to hear about your experiences of health and social care services.  More information on this page.


    Things for the kids - and you - to do this summer

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    summer of fun 2014
    Enfield's Council's Everybody Active and Play Development teams have prepared a pretty comprehensive programme of summer events for all ages.  There's a 26-page brochure that you can download with details of the activities and how to book.  They include:

    • Cycle training for adults and over-10s
    • Athlefit
    • Cardio Tennis
    • Horse riding
    • Golf
    • Self-defence
    • Trampolining
    • Jogging
    • Yoga
    • 50+ Swimming
    • Bowls
    • Boxing
    • Table tennis
    • Archery
    • ChaSamba
    • Basketball
    • Cricket
    • Athletics

    Some of the activities are adapted for disabled people.

    You can download the brochure or pick one up from a library or the Dugdale Centre.


    Broomfield Blues - Five Sizzling Sundays in the Park

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    Following last August's resoundingly successful revival, Broomfield Blues is returning this year with five servings of the very best Blues and music loosely derived from the Blues.  The concerts at the bandstand in Broomfield Park will be held every Sunday in August.  Each Sunday afternoon will see a different mix of music organised by the Vintage Music Association, the people behind the local St Harmonica's Blues Club (every Friday at St Monica's Club in Cannon Hill).

    broomfield blues 2014 smaller

    Each concert will start with an hour-long "open mic" session - a chance for local talent to show off their skills.  Then at 2.30 the musicians from St Harmonica's will come on stage for a three hour show.

    Hot and cold food and drinks (including a licensed bar) will be available, courtesy of local traders such as Cafe Choo Choo, El Dorado and Buffalo Burgers, and there will even be home-made ice cream on sale.  Starbucks are supplying coffee for free and it will be sold by three local charities - Noah's Ark Children's Hospice, North London Samaritans and the Ruth Winston Centre

    The concerts (click on the title for details)
    August 3rd - Slide Guitar Special
    August 10th - The Real Folk Blues
    August 17th - Jazz Them Blues
    August 24th - Rockin' the Blues
    August 31st - Bringing it all Back Home

    noahsArk logoNoah's Ark Children's Hospice

    Noah's Ark is an expanding children's hospice service, seeking to serve an estimated 900 life-limited or life-threatened children or young people, and their families, living within the communities of Enfield, Barnet, Camden, Haringey and Islington.

    Our aim is to support these families, often by working in partnership with other agencies, delivering flexible services that encompass the whole family - enabling them to live positive lives and face the future with hope, following the death of their child.  These services range from practical and emotional support, ultimately through to end-of-life and bereavement care.

    Logo of Ruth Winston CentreRuth Winston Centre

    Ruth Winston Centre is a registered charity whose mission is to promote independence, well-being and activities for the over 50s in Enfield. Ruth Winston Centre has around 1100 members and offers 60 classes and/or activities per week exclusively for the over 50s. In addition to learning and staying connected with others, we promote healthy living and well-being through our faciliation of additional services such as blood pressure checks, chiropody, hairdressing, flu jabs, stroke clinic, health trainer advice and support to name but a few. Ruth Winston Centre is a place where information of interest to the over 50s may be presented and exchanged. For those who otherwise would spend their days at home alone it is a vitally important resource for the over 50s in this borough

     samaritansNorth London Samaritans

    Samaritans provides emotional support across three large north London boroughs, both inner city and suburban. Consequently, our range of callers and the problems they need to talk through covers the widest spectrum. EHB Samaritans never know who or what they are going to encounter when they answer the 'phone or open the front door to a visitor to the branch. Which is why our selection and training to become a Samaritan volunteer necessarily needs to be rigorous and thorough. However, while the work is very challenging at times, it is always rewarding.


    PG Library closure: Changes to arrangements for extended hours at other libraries

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    Enfield Council's Library Service has modified the planned extended opening hours at neighbouring libraries which are designed to compensate for the year-long closure of Palmers Green Library from 26 July.

    There will now be extended hours only at Southgate Circus, Winchmore Hill and Ridge Avenue libraries and not at Bowes Road.  The extended hours will not start until 11 August.

      Southgate Circus Winchmore Hill Ridge Avenue
    Monday 9am-8pm 9am-8pm 9am-8pm
    Tuesday 9am-5pm 9am-7pm 9am-8pm
    Wednesday   9am-6pm 9am-8pm
    Thursday 9am-8pm 9am-6pm 9am-8pm
    Friday 9am-5.30pm 9am-5.30pm 9am-5.30pm
    Saturday 9am-5pm 9am-5.30pm 9am-5pm

    The Enfield website previously referred to a mobile library parked in the Lodge Avenue car park, but all reference to that has now disappeared.

    At the newly added Public Engagement Meeting at the Library on 22nd July members of the public will be able to question Anne Crowne from Enfield Property Services.  If you're unable to attend or would like to send in questions in advance, you can contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 020 8379 3019.  

    More information on Enfield Council website.


    Local history course returns in September

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    Locally based history walks guide Joe Studman will be running his course on the history of Enfield, Southgate and Edmonton for the third time, starting in September.  Details are given below, or you can visit the Jaywalks website for further information about Joe's walks and courses.

    An Introduction to the history of Enfield, Southgate & Edmonton

    This six-week course will introduce the student to the history of the London Borough of Enfield.

    No previous knowledge required.

    Each week will consist of two presentations, each approx 40 minutes.

    The first presentation will be a chronological history from earliest times to the 20th Century.  The format for this section will investigate:

    a) National events that impinged locally 
    b) People
    c) Places 
    d) Interesting anecdotes.

    The second lecture will explore an area or significant location to discuss its history, buildings and character.

    There will be time allocated for questions and discussion after each lecture.  Course notes will be provided.

    The next six-week course will take place in The Dugdale Centre, Enfield Town from Monday 15th September 2014. from 7:15 to 8:45.

    Cost £50.00 for the course

    To book a place email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   or phone 0787 553 7295

    An optional guided walk will be available at weekends for those who want to further investigate the topics covered.


    Find out about the plans for Palmers Green Library

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    With less than a fortnight to go before Palmers Green Library closes its doors until autumn 2015, the public will have a chance to find out what the Library will look like and what services will be available after its refurbishment.

    pg library interiorEnfield Library and Museum Service are inviting anyone interested in the future of the library to come along to drop-in question and answer sessions on Saturday 12 July 2014 between 2.30 and 4pm and on Tuesday 22 July between 5.30 and 7pm.  At the session on 22nd July a council officer will be available to answer questions about the whole Town Hall/Library redevelopment scheme.

    The Library and Museum Service reassure Library users that they should not conclude from the picture shown here that there will be very little space for traditional books.  The picture is an artist's impression designed "to give a feel for the new library and is not indicative of what the library will look like when it re-opens in 2015". The Library Service is  currently tendering for the library fit out, so nothing has been decided.  Enfield Library and Museum Service has to provide a balanced service of traditional books and keep up with ever increasing digital service demands from our customers.

    [Article revised to include the picture and information supplied by the Library and Museum Service]


    Thieves target garden paths

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    stolen path tilesOver the past month thieves have stolen original Edwardian tiles from the front garden paths of four houses in Osborne Road in Palmers Green.  All the thefts occurred overnight.

    Tina Babbs, Coordinator of the Osborne Road Residents Association, is asking anyone seeing or hearing anything which might help find the thieves or prevent further thefts to inform the police by phoning 101 and quoting reference CAD 5215 5/7.

    Discuss this article in the forums (1 replies).

    Pinkham Way campaigners warn supporters to stay alert

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    pwa stillunderthreatFollowing their major victories last year, when the North London Waste Authority (NLWA) was told to re-start the process of creating the North London Waste Plan (NLWP) and the Authority formally abandoned an extremely expensive procurement, the Pinkham Way Alliance is warning its supporters to stay alert, as they are convinced that, having bought the Pinkham Wood site, the Authority still wish to construct a large industrial plant there.  A further threat is posed by Barnet Council, who wish to use the site as a depot for its dustcart fleet.

    The Alliance is now one of the organisations which has been invited to participate in focus group meetings ahead of drafting of a replacement North London Waste Plan.  However, it considers that the Authority is not really willing to listen to opponents of its schemes and is engaging in "cynical" tactics.

    A short paper by Jeffrey Lever outlining the history and background to the campaigns relating to Pinkham Way and the North London Waste Plan was presented at the recent annual general meeting of the Southgate Green Association.  The paper is reproduced below.



    Southgate Green is the nearest Conservation Area to the Pinkham Way site, which is located 2 km south-west of The Green, on the south side of the North Circular Road, opposite Friern Bridge Retail Park and Alan Day Motors. In November 2009 the North London Waste Authority (NLWA) secretly bought the majority of the site from Barnet Council. In February 2011 this became known when the NLWA applied for outline planning permission to build a huge waste plant on the site to process 300,000 tonnes of household refuse per year, with Barnet Council to move its waste vehicle depot to the other part of the site.

    Experience of similar plant elsewhere in the UK indicates potential damage to Southgate Green, which is downwind of the site, from odour nuisance, air pollution and fly infestations. Other detriments would be a worsening of the congestion on the North Circular Road, which already obstructs access by road into Southgate Green from the west and, importantly, the loss of a valuable open space which contributes biodiversity, improved air quality and flood absorption/prevention to the surrounding area.

    The response
    The response has been the formation of Pinkham Way Alliance (PWA), a consortium of residents’ associations, businesses and schools in Friern Barnet, Muswell Hill, Bounds Green, Palmers Green and Southgate. Southgate Green Association has affiliated to the PWA through which we work on this matter. This work has included careful research, advocacy at official enquiries, lobbying MPs and Councillors, and organising wider public support through the PWA’s website and outreach stalls at farmers’ markets, school fairs and outside Tesco on Colney Hatch Lane. PWA is supported by all the local MPs from all three major parties.

    The two main issues
    The two main issues are (1) that the site is not appropriate for a large waste plant, and (2) that the site is not needed for waste, since there is sufficient land, comprising existing waste sites and derelict industrial land which the London Plan states are the proper location for waste management developments. Therefore our research, lobbying and publicity has been on Planning Policy affecting the site and the Joint Waste Strategy of North London’s seven Borough Councils.

    Planning Policy
    At an early stage we convinced the Planning Inspector that there was no evidence to support Haringey Council’s attempt to assign an Industrial Use to the site as part of its Development Plan. Although zoned for Employment, the site is also zoned a Grade 1 Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC) of Borough Importance. Subsequently we negotiated an agreement with Haringey Council that it will not make any decision about the site until it has received the results of surveys on the environmental value of the site and the extent of need for employment land in that location. Any decision will then be made in public by Haringey’s Cabinet.

    We have been pointing out to Haringey Council (the Planning Authority for the site) that since the site’s 19th century sewage works were removed in 1963, all traces of its former use have been overtaken by nature. Planning policy therefore recognises that the site is a green open space, and not brownfield land. Greenfield sites are considered to be of high ecological value, and should not be developed when Brownfield or other industrial sites are available.

    This year PWA commissioned an expert Ecologist’s report which concluded that the site remains a good Site of Importance to Nature Conservation. The site has 1,500 trees, 25 of which are protected by Tree Preservation Orders, more than one hundred species of plant, and is the habitat of six endangered species of bird. Haringey Council has accepted the conclusions of this study as accurate. A further study, of invertebrate species, commissioned by PWA is currently in progress.

    Following the Planning Inspector’s rejection of the North London Waste Plan in 2012, a new North London Waste Plan is being drafted and is under consultation. We are participating fully in all consultations.

    A significant problem is that the NLWA bought the majority of the site for £12m based on a faulty assessment of the site’s suitability, and has since been trying to persuade Haringey Council to accept that its use for waste processing is acceptable. We will continue to present the evidence that it is not.

    North London Joint Waste Strategy
    Having studied the Waste Strategy and its associated documents, PWA concluded that the authorities’ forecasts of future waste amounts were too high by 40%, and hence they had no need for the Pinkham Way site. The authorities disagreed with us when we submitted this to the North London Waste Plan Examination in Public in June 2012. However, in a December 2012 announcement, after reviewing the waste arisings in the seven councils, they accepted our conclusion on the quantity of waste, and stated that planned facilities at the Eco-Park at Edmonton were sufficient without the use of the Pinkham Way site. In February 2013 they withdrew their planning application for Pinkham Way.

    We also discovered that the NLWA was planning to enter into two 27-year contracts under which it would pay £3-4 billion for waste services and the use of refuse-derived fuel (the “procurement”). It was this procurement that originally called for building on the Pinkham Way SINC. Further study led us to conclude that the procurement would be poor value for money. Therefore we complained to the District Auditor and asked him to make a Report in the Public Interest on this. Accordingly, his September 2013 report on the NLWA’s accounts warned that the procurement had become “a key value for money risk”, causing the NLWA to abandon the procurement and announce that they had found a cheaper way to manage the waste, by simply upgrading their incinerator at the Edmonton Eco-Park. This will be £900m cheaper than the abandoned procurement, they say. Less the £21m wasted compiling the failed procurement, and £12m on the unnecessary purchase of the Pinkham Way site, we note. The Auditor’s investigation is still ongoing.

    In the past year the persistent and wide-ranging planning policy arguments that we have generated have made it less likely that the site will have a waste plant on it. And the community’s remarkable success in halting the outrageously expensive procurement can also be counted as a huge benefit for the taxpayers of all seven boroughs of North London.

    PWA has achieved remarkable success so far, but the site is not out of danger yet.

    Yet, although the NLWA “has no current plans” to develop the site, and despite that all the planning arguments are against them, they persist in trying to have the site re-designated as suitable for large scale waste processing. We, on the other hand, consider that if a developer unwisely buys land that is unsuitable for his purpose, he should not demand that the planning policies which protect public amenity be waived to spare him pecuniary loss or embarrassment – even if, as in this case, that developer is a public Waste Authority.

    Moreover, open spaces are vital to the health of our city. Once lost, they are rarely recovered.


    Schools: More primary places this year after all

    Written by Webmaster on . Posted in Schools

    Enfield Council has announced that in order to address the shortfall of primary school places in the south west of the Borough it will be adding a new reception class from September.  The new class will be a "partner school"  managed by Bowes Primary School, which recently received an Outstanding assessment from Ofsted, but initially will be located on the premises of Broomfield School in Wilmer Way.  At some future date it will relocate to a permanent home - possibly at the site next to Grovelands Park which the Council has identified as suitable for a new primary school.

    The news comes shortly after the announcement that Ashmole Academy (located in Southgate, but just the other side of the Enfield/Barnet borough boundary) will not be receiving funding to build a new free primary school on their existing site.  The campaigning group SWEAT (South West Enfield Action Team) recently suggested that parents from Southgate would wish to send their children to the new Ashmole school because of Enfield's failure to provide promised additional places.  However, Enfield Council now claim that the new Bowes capacity will mean that there will be no shortfall this autumn.


    "Mini-Holland" consultation - more information

    Written by Colin Younger on . Posted in Planning & Development

    Further information about how the Cycle Enfield project (formerly "Mini-Holland") will be implemented has been provided by Liam Mulrooney, the council officer who heads the Traffic, Road Safety and Parking Group in Enfield Council's Regeneration and Environment Department.  This confirms and supplements the information contained in a recent letter from Mr Mulrooney regarding implementation of Cycle Enfield in Palmers Green.

    On Thursday Mr Mulrooney told a meeting of the Enfield Conservation Advisory Group that Transport for London (TfL) has allocated £700,000 to fund the next stage of design and consultation. Enfield Council is in the process of hiring consultants to produce more detailed designs for Enfield Town and for main roads where segregated cycle lanes are envisaged. At the moment the plan is substantially as set out in the documents submitted to the Mayor of London late last year, but changes will come as consultation takes place and the details are worked out.

    The Council will be using its own in-house engineers to design off-road "Greenway" cycle routes. However, work on designing the Trent Park Greenway is unlikely to start before 2015.

    Addressing concerns

    Mr Mulrooney said that he was aware of concerns raised by shopkeepers, residents and motorists. The main concerns are:

    • for shopkeepers - about loss of parking, passing trade and loading and unloading
    • for residents of Cecil Road (Enfield Town) - increased traffic
    • for some motorists - the possible reduction in road capacity.

    All of these issues will be carefully considered throughout the design and consultation process and the best compromise solutions sought.

    "Golden opportunity"

    To Mr Mulrooney the funding that will be received from TfL for Cycle Enfield represents a golden opportunity to improve the "street scene" in Enfield Town and Edmonton (and presumably also in Palmers Green - though this was not mentioned explicitly).  "Design champions" appointed by TfL will act a a "critical friend", assisting the Council and its consultants in the design process, and the Council will be making use of workshops hosted by Urban Design London.

    Mr Mulrooney said he was interested to see that the Enfield Town Conservation Area Study Group has recruited Ben Hamilton-Baillie to devise alternative proposals for Enfield Town (these will be outlined at a meeting on 30th July - see this earlier report). He said that he is looking forward to seeing the proposals, and would welcome an early meeting to share thoughts.


    One of the first tasks undertaken by the consultants will be to produce a detailed timetable for designing and implementing the cycling improvements. The start of construction in Enfield Town and Edmonton is at least one year away.

    Consultation arrangements

    There will be separate consultation exercises for each of the individual schemes that make up the project. Details of the proposals will be provided to residents and businesses in the vicinity of each scheme (for example, by leafleting) and will be avalable online. There will be exhibitions where people will be able to question council staff or consultants.

    All responses will be carefully considered before a final design is put to a Project Board made up of senior Councillors and a representative from TfL. If the board ratify the scheme, TfL approval will be needed before they will release funding for implementation.

    However, prior to these scheme-specific public consulations, the Council will be setting up three Programme Boards, each chaired by one of the new Associate Cabinet Members (in the case of Palmers Green this will be Bambos Charalambous). The Programme Boards will include representatives of local resident and business associations, disability groups, cycle groups and the local conservation group. They will act as a sounding board for scheme proposals as they are developed.


    Enfield abolishes area forums

    Written by Webmaster on . Posted in News

    Enfield Council has scrapped the system of publicly accessible area forums that was in operation prior to the recent council elections.

    Area forums were centrally organised and advertised and brought together councillors and residents from groups of three neighbouring wards.

    Instead of area forums there will be Ward Forums, organised by the councillors for each ward.  In a letter announcing the change, the Head of Corporate Scrutiny and Community Outreach claims that as a result the "opportunity for Councillor engagement with residents will be strengthened at ward level".

    No information is available about how the ward forums will be run and how much flexibility councillors will have.  For instance, about the frequency of meetings and whether or not agendas, minutes and other paperwork will be provided.

    Discuss this article in the forums (2 replies).

    Council update on PG Environmental Improvements and Mini-Holland changes

    Written by Webmaster on . Posted in Palmers Green Town Centre Improvements

    Enfield Council have provided a written statement outlining their plans for consultation about implementing the "Mini-Holland" cycle scheme (now rechristened "Cycle Enfield")  along Green Lanes and carrying out "urban realm improvements" in Palmers Green town centre.  The letter clearly states that it is not the intention of the Council to "remove the Palmers Green Triangle".

    As expected, the urban realm improvements will be funded using Cycle Enfield money provided by the Mayor of London.  The results of the public consultation exercise that was carried in Palmers Green during March will "inform" the work of the traffic engineering consultants tasked with developing preliminary designs for cycling improvements in Palmers Green.  Another input into this work will be traffic survey data which is currently being collected.  The Council hope to have the preliminary design work done by November 2014, at which point they will carry out "extensive consultation with all residents and businesses in the vicinity of our proposals" (how "vicinity" is defined is not  yet clear).  However, consultation will actually start earlier than this, with the setting up of a Partnership Board, which may meet beginning in September.  The Partnership Board will have representatives from residents and business associations and groups representing disabled people and cyclists.

    The full text of the letter, sent by the Group Leader for Traffic, Road Safety & Parking to Colin Younger, Chair of the Lakes Estate Conservation Area Study Group, is reproduced below.  (Hanna Salomonsson, referred to in the letter, was in charge of the March 2014 consultation.)

    The recent Palmers Green consultation did not propose any measures but instead collected people’s views on what they thought was good and bad about the area. Notes were also taken of any measures suggested by consultees. As you know although Hanna Salomonsson is currently on maternity leave she is liaising with her colleagues to produce a report that will summarise the consultation findings. This report will then inform the design work that our Mini-Holland (now branded as Cycle Enfield) consultants will be preparing. The Cycle Enfield funding gives us the opportunity to fund the urban realm improvements in the Palmers Green section of Green Lanes that have long been sought.

    The Council is in the process of collecting traffic survey data to assist with the preparation of preliminary designs for our Cycle Enfield proposals. When we have completed these preliminary designs we will carry out extensive consultation with all residents and businesses in the vicinity of our proposals. At present we hope to start consultation on our proposals for Green Lanes in November 2014.

    In the meantime a Partnership Board will be established to allow a wide range of stakeholders to participate in the project. This will include groups such as yours and also the Fox Lane and District Residents Association, Green Lanes Business Association, Enfield Disability Action, local Councillors and representatives of other local residents associations and cycling groups. A report that recommends the setting up of the Partnership Board will be presented to Cabinet in July and we expect to hold the first meeting in September, after the summer holiday period.

    Please be assured that it is not our intention to remove the Palmers Green triangle. The design that accompanied our Cycle Enfield bid was only conceptual in nature and will change as detailed design and consultation progresses.

    Kind regards,
    Liam Mulrooney – Group Leader Traffic, Road Safety & Parking,
    Traffic & Transportation Service, Planning, Highways & Transportation Division,
    Regeneration & Environment Department, Enfield Council, Silver Street, Enfield EN1 3XD
    Telephone:020 8379 3550 Fax: 020 8379 8517
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    extensive consultation with all residents and businesses in the vicinity of our proposals.

    Crossrail 2 may reach New Southgate

    Written by Webmaster on . Posted in Public Transport

    Last summer we reported on a consultation exercise relating to the route of the planned Crossrail 2 rail link between North London/Hertfordshire and South West London.  Subsequently TfL engineers have come up with a modified scheme, based on last year's "Regional Option", and are consulting again, but only in relation to the proposed changes.

    The changes to the earlier proposal comprise new options for stations in the Chelsea area and in Hackney and Dalston, but of most interest to readers of this website will be the proposal to extend the Turnpike Lane/Alexandra Palace branch of the line as far as New Southgate in a newly bored tunnel.

    The relevant part of the consultation document is reproduced below.

    Alexandra Palace to New Southgate

    One of the branches we consulted on in 2013 proposed trains terminating at Alexandra Palace. However, many stakeholders suggested that Crossrail 2 should be extended further north to provide additional interchange opportunities at New Southgate. An option has therefore been identified to extend the service to New Southgate, which would be at no additional cost, given the savings identified through opportunities to use existing railway land for Crossrail 2 trains.

    This extension would mean that the Alexandra Palace Crossrail 2 station becomes an underground station, rather than a station above ground, as proposed in 2013. The indicative map below shows the branch of Crossrail 2 continuing to New Southgate.

    An extension to New Southgate would:

  • Reduce journey times from New Southgate and the surrounding area to central London (see some example journey times in the table below)
  • Provide interchange opportunities with existing National Rail services, providing new journey opportunities and relief at interchange points elsewhere
  • Support plans for development around the station
  • Reduce disruption at Alexandra Palace during construction and create an opportunity to use existing railway land at New Southgate for a depot and sidings for Crossrail 2
  • An extension to New Southgate is likely to impact on the parking area and open yard to the rear of the light industrial units to the northern end of the North Circular Road. 


    Current journey time

    Predicted journey time

    New Southgate – Euston

    24 minutes

    17 minutes

    New Southgate – Victoria

    30 minutes

    21 minutes


    The expected opening date for the new link has been brought forward to 2029, but if you wish to comment on these proposed changes, the deadline is rather sooner - 25 July 2014. To read the proposals in full, visit the consultations section of the TfL website.


    Could "shared space" be the solution for cyclists, pedestrians, motorists and shopkeepers?

    Written by Basil Clarke on . Posted in Palmers Green Town Centre Improvements

    The debate about the "Mini-Holland" cycling improvements along Green Lanes has so far been pretty polarized:  on the one hand, advocates of cycle lanes along the whole street, on the other some fierce defence of the right of drivers to park in Green Lanes close to the shops they want to visit.  Cycle lane supporters claim that there is evidence to suggest that reducing car parking would boost shop sales, those defending the interests of local businesses dismiss this argument as contrary to common sense.  The row started up again last week on the forums of Bowes and Bounds Connected, sparked off by the news that Enfield Cycling Campaign are planning a "cycle cash mob" in Palmers Green on 5th July..

    Wednesday 30 July 7.30pm

    Public Meeting: Mini-Holland and alternative approaches to revitalising Enfield Town Centre

    Conference Room,  Civic Centre, Silver Street, Enfield EN1 3XA

    Come and help shape the changes to Enfield Town Centre

    Hosted by Enfield Town Conservation Area Study Group (ETCASG).

    The speaker will be Ben Hamilton-Baillie, Transport, Traffic and Urban Design Consultant, who was consultant on a notable street scheme which has been completed in Poynton town centre. The streets have been redesigned with an informal central median strip, with courtesy crossings and extended pedestrian areas, unified through a common paving pattern.


    In fact, opposition to "Mini-Holland" started not in Palmers Green, but a couple of months earlier in Enfield Town, when it became known that Enfield Council's proposal was to completely remove private cars from Church Street, where the carriageway would be divided into a bus lane running west-east and cycle lanes in both directions.  Other traffic would use Cecil Road, converted from one-way to two-way.

    Shared Space

    In Enfield Town too the argument has been between advocates of cycle lanes and those who resist any restrictions on cars.  However, it appears that a third, more radical, approach is about to be proposed - "shared space" - and ideas for how it could be implemented in Enfield Town will be described and discussed at a public meeting at the Civic Centre on 30th July, organised by the Enfield Town Conservation Area Study Group.

    The main speaker at the meeting will a leading authority on "shared space" - Ben Hamilton-Baillee, who played a leading role in redesigning the town centre of Poynton in Cheshire (see the video clip below).

     The principles of shared space are a complete contrast to conventional road design, where motorists, pedestrians and (sometimes) cyclists are assigned their own particular confined spaces, which they do their best to move along as fast as possible.  Conflicts between different flows of traffic and people are controlled by lanes painted on roads, pavements, traffic lights, roundabouts, give way signs and pedestrian crossings, a source of irritation to everyone concerned.  Such an arrangements creates rivals of different types of street user and of motorists driving in different directions.  Shared space does away with all these controlling elements and changes the relationship between street users from one of rivalry to one of collaboration, making the whole experience less stressful and more enjoyable.

    On the face of it, it seems unlikely that shared space could work as described above in a country where a culture of embattled rivalry between different users of the street has built up over many years.  But the Poynton Regenerated video provides strong evidence that a well designed scheme can transform an unpleasant, traffic-clogged main road into a pleasant environment for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians alike - and all without causing any traffic delays on a major road.

    What about Palmers Green?

    Though the invitation to the public meeting in Enfield Town does not mention it explicitly, the involvement of Ben Hamilton-Baillie strongly suggests that the "alternative approaches" will be based on the shared space concept.  It will be interesting to see how it could be applied in a London town centre with a much higher population density and more crowded pavements than a Cheshire village.  And the question naturally arises as to whether it might be a better solution for Palmers Green town centre than the conventional approach of segregating motorists, cyclists and pedestrians and making them wait impatiently for traffic lights to change.  And might it make it possible to create a safer environment for cyclists while retaining the current level of on-street parking provision?

    Shared space was in fact proposed for Palmers Green back in 2010 by the pressure group Improving Our Place, who drew up a number of options for improving the town centre in general and the Triangle in particular.  The suggestions made at the time can still be viewed on the Improving Our Place website, though the website itself has not been updated for three or four years.


    Mini-Holland: Cyclists aim to soothe PG shopkeepers' fears

    Written by Webmaster on . Posted in Palmers Green Town Centre Improvements

    The Enfield Cycling Campaign is hoping that by organising a "Cycle Cash Mob" to coincide with the Palmers Green Festival of Shopping they will be able to soothe the concerns of shopkeepers in Green Lanes about the effects of the planned "Mini-Holland" cycle improvements on their businesses.

    The Shopping Carnival will be held on Saturday 5th July and the Cycling Campaign is asking its members - and anyone else who would like to see safer conditions for cyclists in Palmers Green - to assemble in Winchmore Hill and then ride along Green Lanes to Palmers Green, where they will then spend money in local shops and join in the Carnival festivities.

    The organisers point out that research has shown that cyclists and pedestrians spend as much, if not more, in local shops than motorists.

    Would you welcome safer cycling in Palmers Green?

    Come to the Palmers Green Shopping Carnival on your bike!

    - 12 noon on Saturday 5 July -


    Enfield Cycling Campaign are organising a short cycle ride along Green Lanes in Palmers Green during the Shopping Carnival on Saturday 5 July. We will meet at 12 noon on the junction of Green Lanes and Compton Road in Winchmore Hill.

    The idea of the ride is to:

    • Celebrate Enfield’s success in winning the Mini Holland bid to create safe space for cycling
    • Show our support for cycle lanes on Palmers Green high street
    • Encourage shopkeepers on Green Lanes that they will not lose business to cycle lanes – people can also shop by bike!

    Research in the UK and abroad shows that cycling facilities boost business in the long run. We aim to reassure our local traders on Saturday 5 July by doing a bit of shopping by bike: a cycle ‘cash mob’!

    Please come if you support safer cycling for you and your children. Cycling should be for everyone. Come even if you don’t normally cycle – and bring your friends and your children and your friend’s children and your children’s friends and your granny and your mother-in-law. Oh, and your bike!

    Any questions? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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