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Local musicians + young talent + a varied programme = Music in April

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On Saturday week Palmers Green United Reformed Church will be the venue for Music in April - a special concert organised by local musican Carolyn Kindberg raising money for Leading Lights Tuition.

music in april logoCarolyn has been organising charity concerts in Palmers Green for several years, in conjunction with another local musician, pianist Judith Crawford.  They employ local players who they know from Winchmore Strings, the Enfield Chamber Orchestra and other local ensembles - in some cases they have been playing together for more than twenty years.

Music in April will begin with a series of short individual performances on the piano, violin, oboe and voice by some local talented young people who are pupils of Carol and Judith or of their friends.

leading lightsThe eclectic programme will include 

  • Vivaldi: Concerto for Two Violins in A minor
  • Vivialdi: concerto for Four Violins in B minor
  • Mozart: Voi che sapete
  • Ludovico Einauldi: L'Onde
  • Astor Piazzolla: Libertango
  • Johnny Burke and Errol Garner: Misty

Carolyn chose the not-for-profit organisation Leading Lights Tuition because she has a working link with them as a tutor. Many young people are unfairly missing out on their essential education because they have to care for a sick parent or relative.  Leading Lights Tuition addresses this disadvantage by providing quality tuition for these students from their team of qualified and experienced tutors.

There will be refreshments of tea, coffee, squash and a selection of delicious home-made cakes served in the interval - which is all included in the ticket price, as is a programme giving details of performances. Children 18 and under are admitted free.

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short individual performances on the piano, violin, oboe and voice by some local talented young people who are our pupils or pupils of friends. 

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Friends of Broomfield Park - a triple celebration, but concerns about an ailing willow tree

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Within a few days of the news that the Friends of Broomfield Park had succeeded in a bid for Enfield Residents Priority Fund money for the Conservatory railings, the energetic park protectors were again celebrating - this time for being awarded a further £5000 from the fund to help create a wildlife pond.

Artists' imprssion of the Conservatory Railings projectAnd last week the Friends also got the go-ahead from Enfield Council for an extension of the wildflower meadow on the Aldermans Hill side of the Park.  The site for the new meadow, the same size as the first, will be cleared and sown within the next few weeks.

However, not everything is rosy in the Park.  Not only are there continuing worries about the plan to stop locking the park overnight, but a distinctive feature of the Park is under threat.  One of the nine weeping willows that surround the boating pond, forming a symmetrical pattern, is looking distinctly unwell.

The sites earmarked for the willdlife pond and growing spaceThe railings project, which attracted much support from visitors to the Park, will see the ornamental ironwork that once surrounded the subterranean toilets at Palmers Green Triangle adapted to protect the beautiful Broomfield Conservatory.  The £5000 from the Residents Priority Fund will top up the amount raised elsewhere to the total needed to adapt the railings and build a wall to mount them on.

The Wildlife Pond will be created between the tennis courts and Broomfield Community Orchard, next to an area which the Friends hope to turn into a community growing space.  The growing space project is very dear to the Friends' hearts, but cannot go ahead without recruitment of a significant number of new volunteers.  If you're interested in working on either the growing space or wildlife pond project, please contact growingspace

Broomfield Wildlife Pond


wildlife pond siteBiodiversity

community growing space siteThe pond will provide a habitat for freshwater native wildlife, including many species of plants, invertebrates, amphibians and reptiles. It will add a new level of biodiversity to the Park, complementing the ornamental lakes which are dominated by fish and wildfowl. Frogs and other amphibians will help control garden pests in the Community Growing Space, and flowering water plants and marginals will provide additional nectar and pollen for bees, including from the Orchard apiary. The pond will help meet the Council's objectives in its Biodiversity Action Plan.

Pond dipping

The Pond, with its dipping platform and interpretation board, will be a valuable resource for environmental studies by students from local schools; there are over 10,000 schoolchildren within walking distance of the Park. A number of local schools and groups such as Hazelwood School, the Cubs, Scouts and the Woodcraft Folk participate in activities and events in the Park, such as those at the Conservatory and the Community Orchard. We are keen to develop these learning links further, especially in relation to the Pond and Community Growing Space. We will try to widen local involvement through events such as 'Pond Days'.

The involvement of young and older people in creating and managing this new habitat will strengthen links in the community, foster attachment to the Park and its assets, and enhance an understanding and appreciation of the natural environment.

Seating on an existing raised area overlooking the pond will provide a calm and restful place to observe a new wildlife feature in the park, families can talk over what they see, and people can meet and make new friendships.

Opportunities for volunteers

We are looking for volunteers of all ages to get involved in the design and creation of the Pond and the adjoining Community Growing Space.

This will provide useful experience in working with groups to achieve an objective, as well as learning more specifically about fresh water biology and the environment. Some practical skills will also be developed, and altogether, young people – and jobless older people – who become involved, will enhance their work experience and CVs.

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Learning to practice the art of the short story

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A five-week course at the Chocolate Factory in Wood Green will look at the work of the greatest writers of short stories and help students write their own.

Haringey Literature Live: The Art of the Short Story

Workshop practitioner: Giovanna Iozzi

Short stories offer the reader tantalising miniature worlds; if crafted with skill and emotional truth they can have the power and resonance of novels.

In these workshops we will be studying extracts from some of the great short writers, from Anton Chekhov and Katherine Mansfield to contemporary voices like Alice Munro, George Saunders and Kevin Barry.

Inspired by what we read and writing exercises we'll start crafting our own stories, focusing on: beginnings and endings, story arc and structure, point of view, dialogue and characterisation.

Students will leave the course with a completed story, anything up to 5000 words.

  • Dates: Thursdays: 16th, 23rd, 30th April, 7th, 14th May 2015
  • Time: 10:00am – 12:30pm
  • Cost: £75 in advance for a five-session course.
  • Venue: Karamel Restaurant, Chocolate Factory 2, 4 Coburg Road, Wood Green, London, N22 6UJ
  • Phone: 020 8829 8989
  • Email:

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Success for Firs Farm wetlands grant bid

Written by PGC Webmaster on . Posted in Parks & Open Space

The Friends of Firs Farm Park are celebrating the success of their campaign to revitalise this large green space on the Winchmore Hill/Edmonton borders.  The Firs Farm Wetlands scheme gathered the highest number of votes from members of the public among the projects shortlisted for money from the Mayor of London's Big Green Fund II.

friends of firs farm parkAs the result of a vigorous campaign by the Friends , the project received more than 2000 votes and has been awarded the highest amount available - £175,000.

The Firs Farm site has mainly been used for sports - there are twelve football pitches and one rugby pitch.  The Moore Brook (a ‘lost’ tributary of the Pymmes Brook) used to run through the park but was piped underground over 50 years ago.

The project will create a substantial new wetland habitat capable of storing 30,000 cubic metres of flood water that will reduce flood risk to over 100 residential properties and to the A10 trunk road.  This will be done without affecting the sports facilities. 
It will also restore 500m of river to the park, creating an interesting and varied landscape and improving the ecology of the park. A variety of native species will also be planted in the flood storage area providing habitat.

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Sewing workshops starting in April

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The not-for-profit organisation Studio 306 will be running sewing workshops beginning in April.  Starting with the basics - how to thread a needle - and ending up creating beautiful cushions or patchwork quilts.

Starting April 9th 2015, you will be able to learn Sewing with a skilled tutor. For £270, you will learn over ten weeks all the skills needed to create your own cushion, quilt or bag.  This works out to £27 a week for a three hour lesson.  Studio 306  also offer a shorter five week course for £150 - this works out to £30 per lesson.

Lessons run from 2pm till 5pm or 6pm till 9pm

Studio 306, based in the Chocolate Factory in Wood Green, has the aim of empowering disadvantaged local individuals. It offers a creative space for people who are recovering from mental illness, where they can rediscover forgotten skills, develop new ones and boost their confidence.

Studio 306 also runs textiles workshops - enquire for more information.

To find our more and to register, call 020 8365 8477 or email .

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Why not turn your street into a Play Street?

Written by PGC Webmaster on . Posted in Traffic, Roads & Parking

The concept of Play Streets is catching on in and around Palmers Green.  People from fourteen streets in Palmers Green, Southgate and Winchmore Hill met at a meeting at Baskervilles last month to learn from the experience of Devonshire Road residents and find out how to go about making their own street a Play Street.

devonshire road play street n13Play street in Devonshire Road (photo: Phil Rogers)So what does a Play Street involve?  It means getting together with your neighbours and agreeing to close the street to through traffic for a couple of hours a week or a month, so that children can play and neighbours can get to know each other better. It is really simple but reportedly has a transformative effect - the street becomes friendlier and safer; more sociable, happier and healthier.

Of the fourteen streets involved in the February meeting, several - possibly as many as a dozen - have already started the process of consulting their residents about a Play Streets scheme.  Support in setting up a new scheme is provided by London Play, an organisation that has been operating for fifteen years and is funded by the Department of Health, the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Cabinet Office's Social Action Fund.

London Play is now offering to provide support to further streets in Enfield.  They can go  to meetings, answer questions, offer advice, supply materials, help approach the council and provide funding of £400 per street - and all for free!

If you want to find out more, you can contact , download the Play Street Guide or visit the London Play website, which is a rich resource for finding information, advice and tools to get you started.

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- that is, getting together with your neighbours and agreeing to close the street to through traffic a few hours a week or a month, so that children can play and neighbours can get to know each other better. It is really simple but the transformation that you will see is incredible.
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Posted: 26 Mar 2015 12:20 by David Hughes #1102
David Hughes's Avatar
This article and the image of a youngster on a bike reminds me of a chain of thought which has been going through my mind to the effect that there appears to be a connection between street play, or lack of it, and the reluctance due to fear of participation in Enfield's cycling renaissance. How come? Well at an advanced age I've returned to biking with scarcely a qualm yet much younger people constantly press me to stop 'Because it's so dangerous.'

Perhaps the difference is that from under ten I lived on a bike on the informal, unplanned play streets of the time acquiring the skills and confidence to feel secure in and without traffic. Which adds to the case for the Play Street movement, and should encourage Mums and Dads to join in with the new freedom (and room to practice) being enjoyed by their offspring.

Come on parents! Even among traffic cycling is less dangerous than sitting behind a steering wheel picking up and storing in the enclosed space the shockingly poor air quality that other cars, and especially diesel cars, around you are creating.

Croquet - a free introductory course

Written by PGC Webmaster on . Posted in Sport

Croquet is a sociable outdoor sport for people of all ages which is easy to learn and played by both sexes. It is a skilful and tactical game which provides leisurely exercise and has a handicap system which enables players of different abilities to compete on level terms.

This free course is designed specifically for those new to croquet who wish to try out the game and receive some guidance on the technique, rules and playing practices. All the required equipment will be provided and each session will include the pleasure of being involved in an actual game against other individuals on the course.

enfield croquet clubThere are no special clothing requirements. Just wear sensible clothing suitable for the prevailing weather conditions on the day and a pair of flat comfortable shoes, such as trainers.

We also welcome any current croquet players or anyone who has previously played either code (Association Croquet or Golf Croquet). The course is designed to teach the basics of Golf Croquet because it is easier game for newcomers to learn, but we are also happy to provide refresher courses for those who wish to partake in Association games (subject to available lawn space).

There will be six days on which you will be able to attend our course in April

  • Wednesdays the 8th, 15th and 22nd
  • Saturdays the 11th, 18th and 25th

10.00am – Noon each day.

We would advise that all participants attend at least two sessions if starting croquet from scratch.

Croquet is ideal for those sports men and women who are not quite as lithe or flexible as they once were in their established sports. Our current crop of players for example include a number of ex tennis, golf, cricket, hockey, badminton, netball, football and cyclists. Some of whom will be coaching you should you attend.

Enfield Croquet Club is situated in Bush Hill Park adjacent to the tennis courts. The nearest park entrance is at the southern end of Cecil Avenue, Enfield, EN1 1PS

To reserve a place on the Introductory Course please contact:

  • Brian Dawes - Club Secretary
  • Phone: 020 8366 6005
  • Email:  

For further information please visit our website:

Anyone attending the course may be invited to join our Club once the course has been completed.

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Change in planning laws is good news for pub rescue campaigners

Written by Basil Clarke on . Posted in Conservation

Campaigners trying to prevent the conversion or demolition of local pubs, such as the Green Dragon in Winchmore Hill and the Fox in Palmers Green, received some good news today, when the government announced a change to planning laws.

From 6 April where a pub has been nominated or listed as an Asset of Community Value, a planning application will be required before a change of use or demolition. Though this will not prevent eventual conversion or demolition, it will provide an opportunity for local people to comment and enables the local planning authority to determine the application in accordance with its local plan, any neighbourhood plan, national policy and any other material considerations. The local planning authority may take the listing into account as a material consideration when determining any planning application.

The process of registering both the Green Dragon and Fox as Assets of Community Value is already under way.  The Green Dragon is particularly vulnerable, as it has already closed as a pub and reopened as a discount shop.  As regards the Fox, while there is no indication of any current plans to close it, change its use or redevelop the site, the Southgate District Civic Trust is concerned that it is being affected by the nationwise downturn in the economics of the pub sector.

As well as fulfilling important community roles, both the Fox and the Green Dragon are buildings of unusual and conspicuous design and are important in defining the local streetscape.  They are also notable in being the only remaining purpose-built public houses along the whole of the Palmers Green to Winchmore Hill section of Green Lanes, other pubs being shop conversions.


Government press release
Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) List Your Local campaign
Save the Green Dragon campaign

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Council to discuss secondary school provision and the cost of temporary accommodation

Written by PGC Webmaster on . Posted in Council Services

At the Enfield Council Meeting on Wednesday 25th March (7pm at the Civic Centre) councillors will be briefed on the strategy for the provision of secondary school places and will debate an opposition paper which proposes ways of reducing the cost of temporary accommodation for homeless families.

Provision of secondary school places

The executive summary of the briefing paper states that demand for secondary school places will continue to rise until 2020 followed by five years of slightly lower demand then a steady increase from 2025.  It says that there is sufficient spare capacity in secondary  schools and agreed plans to provide additional capacity that will enable demand to be met up to and including September 2018. 

Initial plans for the delivery of additional secondary capacity for September 2019 and 2020 will be developed and included in the annual report to Cabinet in June or July on pupil places and how demand will be met. Funding allocations from the Education Funding Agency (EFA) to provide additional places for 2018/19 and beyond are not yet known and the amounts available to the Council will depend on how many free schools  or academies are approved for either establishment or expansion.

Reducing expenditure on temporary accommodation

The paper to be presented by the opposition Conservative group discusses the factors behind the very high expenditure on temporary accommodation for homeless families and proposes three solutions: 

  • shift the burden of proof for eligibility onto the claimant;
  • pay higher rents to landlords to de-incentivise them from evicting tenants in order to then receive higher rents for providing emergency accommodation at much higher rents;
  • move as many people as possible out of the borough and outside the M25, reversing the current administration's policy of not moving people out unless they wish to go..

The paper also reiterates the Consertive Group's opposition to the Council buying up properties to use to rehouse homeless families on the grounds that this will increase prices for first-time buyers.  Instead, the Council should buy properties outside the borough.

Document links

This article was amended on 25th March - "Thursday 25th March" was corrected to "Wednesday 25th March"

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Parents and carers surveyed about childcare provision in Enfield

Written by PGC Webmaster on . Posted in News

Enfield Council is asking parents and carers to comment on the provision of childcare in the borough.  The Childcare Sufficiency Parent and Carer Survey is an online questionnaire that will be available until 31 March.

What do you think about childcare in Enfield?

Whether you and your family use childcare or not, the London Borough of Enfield would like to hear your views about childcare. Your responses will remain confidential to the London Borough of Enfield and will not be used for any other purpose. The results of this survey will assist the council to develop and support services in the borough to meet the childcare needs of children and parents in Enfield.

If you complete this survey, you will be inputted into a draw to with 1 of 5 x £50 Amazon voucher. The draw will be completed on 30th April.

For more information about early years provision in Enfield, see the Informed Families website.

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Essay and photographic competitions offer prizes for adults and children

Written by PGC Webmaster on . Posted in Art

For the second year running the Lamb Festival is running literary and photographic competitions with unusual themes.  There are three entry categories:  primary schools, secondary schools and open (ie adults).

Charles and Mary LambCharles and Mary LambThe festival itself, celebrating the lives and work of local literary figures Charles and Mary Lamb, will run from 6th to 12th June at All Saints Church in Edmonton.  Last year's Lamb Festival comprised music, poetry, puppetry, talks and walks, and this year's will no doubt have similar events.

The deadline for all categories is midnight on 1st May and the six winning entries to the competition will be announced during the Festival week.  For the schools categories, entries will be per school, depending on the number of pupils.  The adult categories are open to anyone residing in the London Borough of Enfield, apart from schoolchildren.

This year the themes for photographs are A Midsummer Night's Dream and Romeo and Juliet.  Essays must be entitled My Relations or Dramatic Illusions.


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Parla Italiano - a language school for adults in Palmers Green

Written by PGC Webmaster on . Posted in News

Since both Southgate College and Enfield College stopped running language courses for adults there has been a gap in the market for language learners who don't want to travel too far.

Since this January the gap has been plugged, as far as Italian is concerned, by a new language school based in Palmers Green.  During its first term Parla Italiano courses attracted much interest and a new class for beginners is due to start on 15th April at the United Reformed Church in Burford Gardens, on the corner with Fox Lane, at 7.30pm.

laura scaramellaThe new language school is run by Laura Scaramella, an experienced teacher and teacher trainer.  She set up Parla Italia in 2006, since when she's worked with clients all over London.  However, she now has two young children and needs to be available to them.  For this reason she has decided to work closer to home - in Palmers Green and nearby areas. 

Laura believes that in order to learn one needs to be motivated and also to have fun in class. She offers group lessons which are interactive and uses games and activities to make it fun for the students and at the same time effective. All skills (speaking, listening, writing and reading) are developed, giving students plenty of practice from lesson one.

If you have thought of learning something new in 2015 there is an opportunity on 15th April, just after Easter. There are still some places available for the free trial class at 7.30. To book please email . This class is for complete beginners.

More information about Parla Italiano and Laura can be found on  She is also on Facebook, Twitter and also on Linked in

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Park locking petition launched

Written by PGC Webmaster on . Posted in Parks & Open Space

The Consortium of Friends of Enfield's Parks has launched a public campaign in opposition to Enfield Council's plan to leave pedestrian gates to parks unlocked overnight.

The Consortium is asking people to sign an online petition which reads as follows:

Enfield Council is planning to withdraw all night locking from 22 parks in the borough. If implemented,the pedestrian gates of those parks that have always been locked would be left open all night.

This decision has caused alarm amongst local Friends of Parks groups and concern to residents, especially those with homes that back on to parks, who fear they will be exposed to intruders at night.

We the undersigned urge Enfield Council to think again, give proper regard to the safety ofpersons and valuable community assets, and drop the blanket proposal to stop locking its parks at night.

Issued on behalf of the Consortium of Friends of Enfield Parks.

To sign the petition, visit the Consortium's new website.

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Tags:   Parks
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Posted: 16 Mar 2015 11:44 by Karl Brown #1064
Karl Brown's Avatar
Yesterday The Sunday Times announced they had "started a petition to keep London parks open at night." Just shows how things are inevitably never b&w.

Problems booking blood tests via North Middlesex University Hospital

Written by PGC Webmaster on . Posted in Health Services

The following is an extract from the Healthwatch Enfield Newsletter dated 9 March 2015

In our last newsletter we reported on serious problems with the community blood test booking system at North Middlesex University Hospital (NHUH). We have continued to get calls from local residents and GP practice managers complaining that they cannot get through to the NMUH call centre to book an appointment at their local GP clinic (there are 10 GP practices where patients can get a blood test done). We have continued to raise these concerns with both the Hospital Trust and Haringey Clinical Commissioning Group CCG (who are the lead commissioners).

As reported before the Trust is aware of the problem and has arranged for volunteers to assist with call handling. The Trust is considering the case for additional resources to be made available. We remain very concerned about the situation and the difficulties it is causing patients. We are also concerned about the length of time it is taking to resolve the matter. We will continue to press the Trust and the CCG to take action.

Until the situation improves Healthwatch Enfield advises all residents needing blood tests to use the walk-in service at NMUH or Chase Farm Hospital, and arrive early to avoid disappointment. Details of opening hours and directions to find the service are available at the links below. Please note you will need a GP referral to use the walk-in service at NMUH.

North Middlesex University Hospital blood test service

Chase Farm Hospital blood test service

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Posted: 19 Mar 2015 11:33 by David Hughes #1074
David Hughes's Avatar
I feel I must record that despite having heard about the difficulties I phoned the blood test booking system yesterday early in the morning - which is probably a busy time. There was queue of 9, but I was answered within 10 minutes and efficiently and pleasantly dealt with.

Which I good deal more convenient, and very much quicker, than getting along to one of the walk-in services.

Pinkham Way campaigners seeking public support

Written by PGC Webmaster on . Posted in Pinkham Way

The Pinkham Way Alliance is appealing to the public to support its campaign to prevent the building of waste processing facilities in Pinkham Wood (next to the North Circular in New Southgate, just past the railway bridge).

The Alliance has sent the following email to its supporters and is asking for wider support from the community:

Haringey's Sites Allocation (SA) consultation is underway; please sign up now in support of the PWA response.

This is vital to our campaign. It will determine the extent to which the Pinkham Way habitat and its biodiversity can be protected for future generations.

Since the beginning of the campaign, a number of surveys have been carried out that confirm Pinkham Way is a high value ecological site that should be preserved and managed to enhance its rich biodiversity.

Although Haringey, much to its credit, is now applying proper planning principles, it's still under pressure from site owners, North London Waste Authority (NLWA) and Barnet Council, to permit waste or some other use there. We can be certain that the NLWA, having paid £12m for its portion, will push very hard for the site to be used for waste in some way.

Together, let's make sure that the quite extraordinary progress we've made over the last four years (can you believe it's really that long?) is followed through as firmly as possible.

Please sign here in support of the PWA position by 5pm on Wednesday 25 March.

You can read details of the response here.

Alternatively, please do make your own submission to Haringey if you prefer.

As ever, the more members of your household that sign the better. Please pass these details to your friends and neighbours too.


We're inviting you to a public meeting to hear your views and to discuss and finalise the PWA response to this consultation. Please come along; the bigger the attendance the more impact our campaign will have.

Join us on Wednesday 25 March, 7pm, at Hollickwood School, Sydney Road, N10 2NL.

Kind regards,

Stephen Brice
Pinkham Way Alliance

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People's Question Time - in a restored Grade II listed building

Written by PGC Webmaster on . Posted in News

Twice a year the Mayor of London and members of the London Assembly hold a People's Question Time session in a different part of the capital.  On 19th March the venue will be the Dominion Centre in Wood Green High Road.

The Dominion Centre is now used as a church, but started life as a magnificent cinema and still has the wording Gaumont Palace in huge letters on top of the frontage.  This was its original name - later it became just the Gaumont, then the Odeon and then Mecca Bingo.

The Gaumont Palace/Dominion Centre was restored in 2009 and this month's event will be an opportunity for those who wish to see its listed interior without compulsory prayers.

Related links

Thanks to Donald Smith for the tip-off about the venue.

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Playground improvements - public support required

Written by PGC Webmaster on . Posted in Parks & Open Space

Enfield Council is running a public consultation to gauge views about an application for funding for improvements to children's play facilities in three local parks.

Hazelwood Recreation Ground, Tatem Park and Grovelands Park Play Areas

The Friends of Hazelwood Recreation Ground, Tatem Park and Grovelands Park are proposing to improve the play areas in these parks and they need your help to apply for funding. The groups are looking for people’s views and comments on the current play facilities.

The funding will be used to improve play facilities by replacing the existing old equipment for a new innovative design to increase play value in the park. This will greatly benefit all park users by encouraging more people to use the park, creating a new, vibrant and safer environment that will be especially important for local children and schools.

Please give us your views

Please let us know your views by completing the questionnaire.

Closing date

Please let us know your views no later than 25 March 2015.


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How much do your election candidates know about breast cancer?

Written by PGC Webmaster on . Posted in News

With the General Election coming up on May 7th, there's never been a better time to get involved and find out what your local election candidates think about the policies that affect you.

Come along to Breast Cancer Question Time at Ruth Winston House on Wednesday 15th April to hear more and ask your own questions.

The event will begin at 18:00 with refreshments and the Question and Answer session starting promptly at 18:30.

Do you have questions about Breast Cancer Question Time - Enfield Southgate? Contact Breast Cancer Care
This is a free event, but you can register for a place on the Eventbrite website
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Draft Conservation Area Character Appraisals and Management Proposals: Phase II

Written by Colin Younger on . Posted in Lakes Estate

The Council has a duty under the legislation to put in place proposals for the preservation and enhancement of its conservation areas. As part of this duty the Council is reviewing the Conservation Area Appraisals and Management Proposals for its 22 conservation areas in three phases.

This means that the existing Appraisals and Management Proposals have come, or are coming, to the end of their five-year life span. Through the review changes in the conservation areas can be reflected and new plans put in place for their management.

As with the existing documents, there is a Character Appraisal and a separate Management Proposals document for each conservation area. The Appraisals summarise the development of each area and indicate what is special about them that should be preserved and enhanced. Management Proposals set out priorities for their management over the coming five years.

Documents for Phase I of the Review were approved by Cabinet on 11th February 2015. We are now consulting on Phase II of the review. The affected conservation areas and documents includes:

We are now inviting your comments on the draft documents for any of the six conservation areas forming Phase II of the Review in advance of a public meeting to be held at 7.00pm on Thursday 9th April 2015, Civic Centre, Silver St, Enfield EN1 3XA.

To make comments on the documents please do so by 5.00pm on Friday April 17th at the latest to the Heritage Team or by post to:

Heritage & Design,
Strategic Planning and Design,
Environment and Regeneration,
Enfield Council,
Civic Centre,
Silver Street,
Enfield EN1 3XA

Useful links

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Posted: 16 Mar 2015 11:48 by Karl Brown #1066
Karl Brown's Avatar
There seems more to conservation than mere conservation. My response to the consultation is below. I wonder how wide the view of a wider view being appropriate may be.

Conservation Area Character Appraisals and Management Proposals Review: Phase II

Lakes Estate Conservation Area

Comment is sought on two papers.

As a near three decade long resident of “The Lakes” and a resident of one of the six houses always used to reflect a delightful visual appearance of the estate, I would suggest the draft text risks missing “the elephant in the room”.

Individuals invest to live on The Lakes, currently at a figure of roughly £1m, for a range of reasons; and it is of course such residents seeking to treat it as their home which is, and must surely remain, the primary purpose if it is to prove a sustainable area.

Considerable experience suggest that asking pretty much any nearby resident what are the “intangible qualities such as the sights, sounds and smells that contribute to making the area distinctive”, or perhaps more specifically, what they would expect to see in a comprehensive report that “identifies problems that detract from the character of the area” and they will inevitably revert to traffic – its speed, volume, noise and even smell. To quote some noise related comments supplied to Enfield Council by neighbours:-

• the noise element is immense – I am in a ground floor flat and if my sister stays overnight she has a very disturbed night’s sleep
• The biggest difference is the road noise
• the noise of the traffic outside keeps us awake at night and generally interrupts our sleep.
• My Father works nights – the traffic is so heavy during the day that he has to sleep at the back of the house

A similar, albeit larger, collection is available relating to sights (of speeding traffic) which cause these associated noise impacts. Approximately 590 vehicles per day are in excess of the legal speed limit on the road highlighted on the face sheets of both reports. (Covert data sourced for MPS May 2011.) It is not by any means a unique street on The Lakes which is widely prone to speeding and “rat running” traffic.

Enforcement of such behaviour is however absent.

There is no equity in an aggressive enforcement regime addressing only some (potentially) negative elements of The Lakes when a highly impactful influence to its primary purpose gets ignored. (Negative) Impact on the character and appearance, and of course liveability, of The Lakes by such traffic behaviour goes without saying. An individual speeding vehicle, or large wagon, and its associated noise / vibrations / community impact can be viewed as a “one off” but in reality the effects are aggregable, indeed are very likely to be cumulative. In that they are no less impactful to the overall aesthetic than highly destructive property changes.

The picking and choosing of only those items which risk generating a sub optimal public realm is not a balance I would wish to support. Rather I’d like a quiet, peaceful, green estate that preserves and enhances the high quality and undoubtedly visually pleasing built environment. Much experience suggests I am not alone in making such a call. It would be appropriate if the reports and subsequent actions planned reflected such reality.

EnfieldThinks - London's first pop-up learning shop

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Sessions all within the timeframe 7th April to 27th June.

From art to animals, history to horticulture and business to building, EnfieldThinks has something for everyone!

enfield thinksThe project is supported by Birkbeck, University of London; Enfield Council; Barnet & Southgate College; Capel Manor College; The College of Haringey, Enfield & North East London and Christian Action Housing.

We aim to promote the range of educational options available in Enfield and beyond. We want to raise the profile of vocational qualifications, link qualifications to labour market demand and provide a platform to promote the uptake of STEM subjects.

If you’re a school or college student considering your future, EnfieldThinks will give you a chance to experience potential qualifications and evaluate possible career paths.

If you’re looking to change jobs or re-enter the labour market after a break, why not try a few of our events and book a session with a careers advisor to see if we can turn your interest into a new job?

If you want to make more of your free time, EnfieldThinks will provide you with an opportunity to experience a wide variety of potential courses; whether that’s a politics degree at Birkbeck, University of London or a horticulture course at Capel Manor College.

For full details visit the EnfieldThinks website.

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