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Palmers Green Festival - not long to go!

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festival crowds

Not long to go now till the 2014 Palmers Green Festival in Broomfield Park on 7th September.

climbing wallAs before, there will be events, activities and stalls to suit all ages and tastes:

  • NEW Music on the Green – from 12 noon local bands and singers at the new performance area on the old Bowling Green, organised by Lester Clayton;
  • Music on the Bandstand returns with an exciting lineup put together by Dexxmaster & DJ Slamz – including Choirs, folk, belly dancing, soul and more!
  • free dance lessons all day in the Dance Zone for all ages & abilities organised by Salsactricity – being at 12 noon with a Salsa for All line up;
  • NEW Community Friendship Zone – groups & activities helping older people get involved in the local community
  • Lots of stalls featuring many local community groups
  • A fantastic array of international cuisine;
  • Pimms & Beer tents;
  • Stalls with local traders and therapists;
  • Biddles Fun Fair, Climbing Wall and Bungee Fly and more for kids;
  • The Jubilee Park Dog Training School – bring your dog along to join in!
  • Special events in the Conservatory (plants for sale and Celtic music) and Orchard.

The festival website has full details, including a list of acts performing at the Bandstand and on the Bowling Green and a list of the range of food that will be on offer (including, as is now traditional, Hungarian Chimney Cakes!)

festival 2014 dancing

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Report concludes that North Mid "requires improvement"

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A report based on the findings of a Care Quality Commission inspection into the services provided by the North Middlesex NHS Trust has assigned an overall rating of "Requires Improvement".  However, 60 per cent of services were rated as "Good" and Healthwatch Enfield appears to view the findings as encouraging.

Overall summary & rating: Requires improvement

Inspection areas

  • Safe: Requires improvement
  • Effective: Good
  • Caring: Good
  • Responsive: Requires improvement
  • Well-led: Requires improvement

Checks on specific services

  • Accident and emergency: Requires improvement
  • Medical care (including older people’s care): Requires improvement
  • Surgery: Good
  • Intensive/critical care: Good
  • Maternity and family planning: Good
  • Services for children & young people: Good
  • End of life care: Requires improvement
  • Outpatients: Requires improvement

More information

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Inspection Summary

Overall summary & rating

Requires improvement
Inspection areas


Requires improvement






Requires improvement


Requires improvement
Checks on specific services

Accident and emergency

Requires improvement

Medical care (including older people’s care)

Requires improvement



Intensive/critical care


Maternity and family planning


Services for children & young people


End of life care

Requires improvement


Requires improvement

Planning permission refused for McDonalds drive-thru

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Enfield Council have refused planning permission for a proposed McDonalds drive-thru restaurant at 188 Bowes Road (on the northern side, nearly opposite the end of Warwick Road and near Ritz Parade).  The refusal notice cites eight grounds for refusal, including the proximity of Broomfield School, "unacceptable break and disruption of the shopping frontage" and the fact that its construction would pre-empt long-term development objectives for this "key opportunity site" that are set out in the North Circular Area Action Plan.

The refusal represents a success for the campaign organised by the Broomfield Home Owners' and Residents' Association, which resulted in the Council receiving more than 60 letters of objection.  However, the developers have the right to appeal.

For more information and comments see the following:

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New waiting restrictions at Bourne Hill/Hoppers Road junction

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Enfield Council have notified the public of their intention of introducing some new waiting and loading restrictions at a number of locations, including Bourne Hill.  See the text below.

Further information may be obtained from Traffic and Transportation:-
•    020-8379 3474 for the Angel Close N18, Cambridge Parade Great Cambridge Road EN1 and Hallside Road EN1 proposals,
•    020-8379 3566 for the Gater Drive EN1, Laurel Bank Road EN1, Lockfieki Avenue EN3 and Church Lane N9 area proposals, and
•    020-8379 3553 for the Lavender Road EN1, Norfolk Avenue N13 and Bourne Hill N13 proposals.
1. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Council of the London Borough of Enfield (the Council) propose to make the Enfield (Waiting and Loading Restriction) (Amendment No. *) Order 201• under sections 6 and 124 of and Part IV of Schedule 9 to the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984.
2. The general effect of the Order woukl be to:
(a) introduce new "at any time waiting restrictions in parts of the streets specified in the first paragraph of the heading to this Notice, which are mainly at the junctions in those streets;
(b) introduce new Monday to Friday 7 am to 6.30pm on the south-west side of Bourne Hill opposite its junction with Hoppers Road; and
(c) introduce new "at any time" loading restrictions in parts of the streets specified the final paragraph of the heading to this Notice, which are mainly at the
junctions of those streets.
3. A copy of each of the proposed Order, of maps indicating the locations and effects of the proposed Order, of the Council's statement of reasons for proposing to make the Order and any other relevant documents can be inspected at the Reception Desk. the Civic Centre, Silver Street, Enfield, Middlesex. EN1 3XD during normal office hours on Mondays to Fridays inclusive.
4. Any person desiring to object to the proposed Order. or make any other representations in respect of them should send a statement in writing to that effect, and in the case of an objection stating the grounds thereof, to the Head of Traffic and Transportation, the Civic Centre, Silver Street. Enfiek1, Middlesex, EN1 3XD, quoting the reference TG52/1254. by 3 September 2014.
5. Under the Local Government (Access to Information) Act 1985. any letter you write to the Council in response to this Notice may, upon written request, be made available to the press and to the public, who would be entitled to take copies of it if they so wished.
Dated 13 August 2014
DAVID B. TAYLOR Head of Traffic and Transportation

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Bus passengers warned about "free oyster cards" scam

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scam letter on bus stopsBus users are being warned not to be taken in by a notice which has appeared on some London bus stops (see photograph).  The notice claims that TfL is giving away 10,000 oyster cards valid for five years or one year.  In actual fact, it appears to be a scam aimed at collecting people's email addresses.

For more information see this article on the Evening Standard website.

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Aged 18 to 24 and unemployed? Talent Match is there to help you

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Discover Your Talent is a new employability programme offered by Collage Arts in partnership with KORI, Rinova, Enterprise Enfield and Metropolitan.  It is available to young unemployed people living in the boroughs of Enfield, Haringey or Waltham Forest.

Discover Your Talent will be holding an open day at the Chocolate Factory in Wood Green at lunchtime on 4th September.

Talent Match London has been designed by young people and is a new approach to tackling youth unemployment.  It aims to:

  • ­ Connect young people to opportunities
  • ­ Build trust and confidence
  • ­ Nurture talent and develop skills
  • ­ Shape productive careers and pathways
  • We're holding an Open Day for young people to come in and talk to us to find out how we can help you. You have to fall in ALL 3 of the categories below:

  • ­ Aged 18-­24
  • ­ Unemployed
  • ­ Live in Haringey, Enfield or Waltham Forest
  • When: Thursday 4th September
    Time: 12pm ­ 2pm
    Where: Collage Arts, Chocolate Factory 2, Coburg Road, Wood Green, London, N22 6UJ

    This is a free event. There will be signs to show you where to go.  

  • Nearest tube: Wood Green
  • Rail: Alexandra Palace
  • Buses: 29*, 67*, 121*, 141, 144, 184, 221, 130*, 232*, 243, 329, W3*, W4*
  • *Wheelchair accessible buses
  • Bus Stop: At or near Wood Green station
  • Once you're on our program, we can help with the following:

  • ­ Develop skills
  • ­ Offer work experience
  • ­ Offer career coaching
  • ­ Support entrepreneurs
  • ­ Improve your CV and interview skills
  • If you fall into the above categories and need some help in getting into work or training, then come along to the Open Day.  

    Further Information:
    With a particular emphasis on supporting those young people facing the biggest barriers aged 18­-24 years old, Talent Match London is delivered through a collaboration of over 30 third sector partner organisations across the capital. The programme is part of the Big Lottery Fund’s £100 million nationwide Talent Match initiative.
    The team in North London are offering an innovative #DiscoverYourTalent model incorporating Creative Industries and Innovation, Youth Work, Mentoring, School of Life, Career Coaching and Entrepreneurial Support encompassing Five Pillars that have been identified by young people as missing for those furthest away from the job market: targeted outreach, personalised support, transferable skills, job ready skills and employer engagement.

    Website: http://www.collage­­match­london/
    Blog: @aspire2be_uk
    Facebook: /discovertalentmatch

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    Conservation group campaigning for a "shared space" approach to "Mini-Holland" scheme in Enfield Town

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     A local conservation group in Enfield Town is to launch a campaign to scrap plans for cycle lanes in Church Street and to instead opt for a radical rethink of the road network in the town centre. Some local campaigners in Palmers Green and Winchmore Hill are also thinking along similar lines.

    The Enfield Town Conservation Area Study Group (ETCASG) opposes the plans put forward by Enfield Council to turn Church Street into a buses and cycles-only road and instead will be asking the Council to use the opportunity provided by the "Mini-Holland" funding to implement an alternative scheme based on the principle of "shared space", which they consider would improve conditions for everyone using the town centre - shoppers, customers of cafes, restaurants and pubs, local businesses, pedestrians, cyclists, motorists and people using the town centre simply as a social space.

    Earlier this week the Study Group issued a report on a public meeting which it organised with the aim of spreading awareness of the principles of shared space and initiating discussions of whether they could be applied in Enfield Town.

    The large number of people attending the meeting was evidence of the degree of interest in the subject. As well as residents of Enfield Town there were visitors from Palmers Green and Winchmore Hill, concerned about the impact of Cycle Enfield on their town centres and interested in whether or not Shared Space might be an option there too.

    The main speaker at the meeting was Ben Hamilton-Baillie, a leading transport, traffic and urban design consultant, most famous for his innovative redesign of the centre of Poynton in Cheshire.

    Mr Hamilton-Baillie began by saying that, because of competition from out-of-town retail centres and the Internet, town centres would have to change and become inherently attractive, or they would become redundant and "die".

    He described the process by which over recent decades central and local government have been introducing ever more measures to control and segregate vehicles and pedestrians in town centres through the installation of barriers, traffic lights, painted lines and signs. Their aim has been to speed up movement and reduce accidents. However, in his view the evidence points to their actually slowing down traffic and increasing the number and severity of accidents. This may seem contrary to common sense, but, he said, it actually corresponds to understanding of human psychology and the way that people behave in real life.

    The alternative approach of "shared space" removes much of this enforced segregation and prompts drivers and pedestrians to become aware of situations and adjust their behaviour appropriately.

    The meeting report includes examples of successful implementation of shared space principles and thoughts about how the current layout fails to make the most of the attractive buildings and public spaces in Enfield Town.

    The report concludes with some thoughts about how best to campaign for a shared space scheme in Enfield Town and a call for other groups and individuals to participate.

    The Enfield Town Conservation Area Study Group can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

    Full text of the report.

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    Planning Inspectorate to hear Turret Court appeal on Tuesday

    Written by PGC Webmaster on . Posted in Planning & Development

    The long-running saga of the "Turret Court" building in Aldermans Hill will reach another milestone on Tuesday 19th August, when the Planning Inspectorate will be hearing an appeal from the developers, Ballater Investments, against an order issued by Enfield Council requiring them to make a number of changes to the building which, in the view of the Council, had been in breach of planning permission.

    110-112 Aldermans Hill before demolition110-112 Aldermans Hill before demolitionTurret Court (110-112 Aldermans Hill) is on the site of two very large semi-detached houses which were demolished in 2010 to make way for a planned block of flats.  The demolition took place under 2007 permission which was still vaild, but after the declaration of the conservation area. The Planning Committee agreed to give retrospective Conservation Area Consent for demolition - though this is still a controversial issue -  subject to approval of a redesigned building in keeping with the conservation area and not in the style agreed in 2007.

    Unfortunately, the appearance of the rebuilt building, christened "Turret Court", differs significantly in some respects from that of the original houses and of several other similar very large neighbouring houses.  As a consequence, there has been an ongoing dispute between the developers and two local residents groups - the Lakes Estate Conservation Area Study Group and the Fox Lane and District Residents' Association - which have been urging the Council to order Ballater Investments to make changes.  Earlier this year the Council did just that.

    The argument is, after various later applications, whether the property as built meets all those applications and whether it does preserve or enhance the conservation area.  The two may not of course be the same thing, and it remains to be seen how the Inspector rules.

     The case will be heard at the Civil Centre in Baker Street, Enfield Town, at 10am on 19th August.

    The photographs below show some of the disputed points.

    turret court1

    turret court2

    turret court3

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    See discussion about this article in the Forums (Number of comments: 1).

    Chickenshed Community Chorus for adults and acting workshops for over 60s

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    Chickenshed Theatre is again running a series of theatre workshops for people aged 60 and above.

    The workshops will be on Mondays from 5pm to 6.30pm for six weeks, beginning on 8th September. The normal cost is £45 for the six weeks, but arrangements are possible for people who cannot afford this much.

    Participants will be offered free entry to two Community Chorus workshops, on 10th and 17th September at 6.30pm. Unlike the theatre workshops, these are open to younger people - the minimum age is 21.

    For details and to book see these pages on the Chickenshed website:

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    Could you foster a child?

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    Enfield Fostering Service are looking for foster carers for children of all ages.  If you think you might be interested, please read the following information or come along to one of the regular Fostering Information Days and Fostering information Evenings held in Edmonton and Enfield Town.  Download a list of upcoming Fostering Information Events.

    Who needs fostering?

    Children or young people aged 0 - 18 years old living in Enfield who experience a serious family breakdown to the point where their own family cannot care for them, may need fostering.

    When this happens children are referred to as 'looked after'. For children and young people who need to be looked after by Enfield Council we believe that foster families are the best way to help these children.

    Enfield has many religious and ethnic communities so we invite people from all sections of the community to apply to become foster carers. Single children, children with disabilities, siblings (brothers and sisters) younger and older children may need fostering at any time so we want to have good foster families available who can step in and care for these children when they need it most.

    All the children we look after will have had difficult experiences. Some of them may have experienced physical and sexual abuse or neglect, which means that they need adults who are patient, warm and understanding to foster them.

    • Children under five - If there are concerns for their safety, young children can be taken into care very early on. These children usually require short-term care, as the preference is always to reunite them with parents. If this is not possible, then adoption would be our aim. Your role as foster carers would be to nurture and care for the child until their future plan is secured.
    • Children up to 12 years – Primary school children may require either short or longer term care (until they are adults). Enjoying school, eating healthily and encouraging friendships is really important at this age, plus lots of stimulating play.
    • Teenagers – If a young person is unable to return home, they may need longer term foster care until adulthood. You’ll be helping them to work through personal issues, gain qualifications and develop practical skills, such as cooking, and this role can be incredibly rewarding.
    • Black and mixed heritage children – If you’re black or have a mixed heritage partnership, we would be keen to hear from you, as we have a high proportion of black children who would benefit from being placed with carers who can meet their cultural needs.
    • Sibling groups – Staying together with brothers and sisters is very important to children who’ve had to cope with difficult experiences. They need the comfort of each other, as well as you. If you’d like to care for sibling groups, let us know.
    • Disabled children – We have a small number of children in care who have a disability. This can be anything from a minor hearing impairment to a more serious physical or mental disability. This rewarding role would include helping them access community facilities and widening their social network for a better life.

    If you want to find out more about fostering, please visit Alternatively, you can contact us in a number of ways:

    • Register your interest using our online form
    • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    • Free Phone: 0800 038 1313
    • Tel: 020 8379 2831

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    New flats behind Southgate Town Hall - residents say their concerns about parking have been ignored

    Written by PGC Webmaster on . Posted in Planning & Development

    A Resident's Questions about Car Parking for the new Flats
    behind the Town Hall

    Why are there only six parking spaces allocated to the 19 “Affordable Housing” properties at the rear of Southgate Town Hall?  As a resident also living in an “Affordable Housing” development, I know that everyone owns at least one vehicle. So it is inevitable, there will be more cars than parking spaces for properties at the rear of STH. 

    15 spaces which are council owned are "offered" these residents after the hours of 9:30am to 6pm, when they are not used for the public using either the library or the proposed doctor’s surgery.  But where are these cars meant to go between the hours of 9:30am and 6pm?

    Non-residents are strictly forbidden to use the bays in Davey Close or in Shapland Way as they will be trespassing on private land. 

    The only available parking on Shapland Way is either near the Library or near the junction of Davey Close.  There are approximately 5 street parking spaces which are usually taken up by local residents. 

    Despite all the parking measures that will be in place in response to the Southgate Town Hall development,  it is likely that people will ignore the warning signs and park illegally in bays which belong to local residents. The general consensus from residents is no one can fathom where the overspill will be absorbed.

    Despite contacting the local Palmers Green councillors about these concerns over a week ago, all have failed to respond.  Their silence speaks volumes.

    According to residents living in streets close to Southgate Town Hall, the planned construction of a new block of flats behind the former municipal building, which was approved by Enfield's Planning Committee this spring, does not provide for anything remotely like the amount of car parking space which the new flats will require.  However, they complain that protests to local councillors about this have been ignored (see the inset document outlining their concerns).

    The new block (see the drawing and artist's impression below) will comprise 18 "affordable" flats - six one-bed, nine two-bed and three three-bed.  However, only six parking spaces within the Town Hall/Library complex will be allocated to these new flats.  In contrast, there will be a parking space allocated to each of the new flats (not classified as "affordable") that will be created within the former Town Hall building.

    Though some additional Council-owned car parking will be available on site outside of working hours, the residents point out that there will inevitably be immense pressure on already stretched street parking space in the vicinity.

    new flats near town hall

    town hall building at rear

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    WW1 Centenary commemorated in Broomfield Park

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    The centenary of the outbreak of World War One was commemorated by Enfield Council at a ceremony held in Broomfield Park on Monday 4th August.

    Last post counded in Broomfield Park to commemorate centenary of WW1The Last Post is sounded in Broomfield ParkThe ceremony took place in the Garden of Remembrance, where the Mayor of Enfield, Councillor Ali Bakir, unveiled a visitor information board prepared by the Friends of Broomfield Park.

    The Friends of Broomfield Park website has more photographs taken at the WW1 commemoration as well as photographs of the opening of the Garden of Remembrance in 1929.

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    Sun and Fun in the Park

    Written by PGC Webmaster on . Posted in Parks & Open Space

    sunday in the park2The sun came out for the special Love Parks Week events in Broomfield Park last Sunday, and so did the people.

    In Broomfield Conservatory, Marc Harris played and sang while visitors admired the Angels' Trumpets and many other plants.

    In the Community Orchard, there were apple cakes, apple wine, country dancing and "Celtic Folk Americana" played live.

    At the Bandstand, Bowes Park Folk Club gave their first event north of the North Circ.

    On the former Bowling Green, people were able to play croquet, badminton and quoits and take part in a tug of war.

    All these special events were organised by the Friends of Broomfield Park.

    There'll be special events for the next six Sundays.  Five Sundays of Broomfield Blues during August, followed by the Palmers Green Festival on 7th September.

    Photograph by Colin Younger.  To see a selection of photographs from last Sunday in the Park, visit the Friends of Broomfield Park online photo galleryy.

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    Palmers Green Safer Neighbourhood News for July 2014

    Written by PGC Webmaster on . Posted in Crime and Policing

    Cluster Inspector News

    Inspector Nicki Reynolds

    Welcome to this months newsletter. I hope you are all enjoying the good weather. Please remember that opportunities are seized by criminals when you don't review your security: If a door has a lock then please make sure you lock it when going out and at night the same goes for windows. We are experiencing higher levels of motor vehicle crime and much of this is because items are left on show or the car is not locked, if remote controlled locking please check the vehicle is locked. There have been artifice burglaries on the borough this is where the suspect pretends to be from company or needs entry because of a leak or similar in a neighbours property this is to allow them entry and when inside they then steal from the victim. Those targeted by these individuals are often the elderly or vulnerable if you have a neighbour or relative please make sure that they are aware of this and that they don't allow entry to their property unless they are certain who is at the door if they are legitimate they will wait whilst their visit is verified by the company they are representing or return on another date whereby the occupant can have a friend or family member present.

    Team News

    Your Dedicated Ward Officers (DWOs) on Palmers Green ward are:

    • PC Daniel Morris
    • PCSO Jennifer Arkwright
    • Ward Sergeant: PS Jenny Martin

    Congratulations to PS Jenny Martin who has completed her Sergeant’s qualification and is now a substantive Sergeant.  She will now unfortunately be leaving us for pastures new and another Borough in August 2014.  We wish her every success in her new post and role.

    Ward promises:

    3 ward promises will be set each month.  Monthly promises and their impact will be reviewed and set at panel meetings, made up from local community and attended by Police.

    • Motor vehicle crime hotspots will be monitored for another month.
    • Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) patrols in the no drinking zone along Green Lanes corridor and specific areas due to residents complaints.
    • Cash machine patrols and theft from person in shops.





    Cocooning Visits


    Victim follow up visits


    Neighbourhood meetings









    Upcoming events

    Our next drop in surgeries will be on Monday 18th August 2014, 6pm until 8pm Palmers Green Library, junction of Green Lanes and Broomfield Lane N13

    Please come along and have a chat about crime or any other issues concerning policing in Palmers Green.

    Crime Prevention Advice

    Details have been taken from recorded crimes for Palmers Green Ward between 1st June and 30th June 2014.  There were 129 crimes recorded on Palmers Green Ward between the above dates. 

    There were 9 residential burglaries with 2 attempted, 1 non-dwelling and 0 attempted non-dwelling. 

    Locations for last month’s burglaries are:  

    • NEW PARK AVENUE, 1am - 6.30am on 9th June, entry via rear garden and smashed rear patio door.  Property was alarmed and alarm set off.
    • CONNAUGHT GARDENS, 2pm - 5pm on 14th June, entry via next door’s garden, over the fence and forcing a rear door open.  Property was alarmed and alarm went off and was smashed off the wall.
    • FARNDALE AVENUE, 10.20pm - 7.44am between 14th and 15th June, entry via open side garden where the side door was forced open. 
    • THE LARCHES, 6.45am - 3.56pm on 16th June, entry via the garden and the patio door was forced open.  Property was alarmed and alarm was set and damaged.
    • ULSTER GARDENS, 2.30pm - 2.45pm on 17th June, entry via the rear garden from the alleyway and forced open a rear door.
    • CONNAUGHT GARDENS, 12.30am - 12.35am on 20th June, entry via front window which was forced open.  Property was alarmed and alarm set off scaring off the suspect.
    • MINTERN CLOSE, 12.45pm - 1310pm on 25th June, entry via front door which was forced open breaking the door.  Property was alarmed and alarm set off.
    • DEVONSHIRE ROAD, 4.10pm - 7pm on 25th June, entry via open communal door and insecure flat door.
    • FARNDALE AVENUE, 9am - 12,01am between 27th and 28th June, entry via the ungated rear garden and kitchen window which was forced open after the suspect failed to force the door.

    Attempted burglaries have been: 

    • FARNDALE AVENUE, 4.30pm - 8am between 14th and 15th June, entry attempted by forcing open the side gate and trying to force open the side door.
    • ASH GROVE, 9.45am - 2.45pm on 30th June, entry has been attempted on the porch door and the front bay window.  No entry was gained.

    Non dwelling burglaries and attempted non dwelling have taken place:

    • GREEN LANES N13, 1am - 6.30am on 9th June, entry has been gained by forcing a rear shutter off its roller and the forcing the double doors behind it open.

    The majority of our burglaries have been broken into from the rear of the houses this month.  Please lock side gates and if there is an alleyway behind your house please lock the alleygate after you have used it.

    There were 2 robberies this month.  One was on Arnold Gardens where the victim got off the bus on the North Circular Road N13 and was followed to Arnold Gardens where the victim handed a phone  over after the suspect intimated he had a knife.  The second was in Lodge Drive car park where the victim met some old friends and one of them stole his phone.

    There have been 9 thefts from motor vehicles and 4 theft of motor vehicles.

    Theft from motor vehicles have taken place in the following roads:  Crawford Gardens, North Circular Road, Hazelwood Lane, Hamilton Crescent x2, Hedge Lane, Farndale Avenue x2, New Park Avenue, Barrowell Green, Lightcliffe Road N13.

    Theft of motor vehicles have taken place in the following roads: Mintern Close, Riverway, Park Avenue, Palmerston Crescent, Lightcliffe Road N13.


    There have been a number of BMW owners who have had the mirrors of their electric wing mirrors stolen.  The thieves have forced the wing mirrors from their closed positions damaging the electrics and taken the mirror.

    We have also had reports of fuel being stolen from Mercedes cars via the petrol cap and the fuel being suctioned out.

    Please be aware of where you have parked your car and vigilant of this type of activity overnight as this is when it has occurred. 

    If your car is parked on a drive you may consider having CCTV installed to cover your property.

    If your car is parked on a street, try to park in a well lit area and near any CCTV cameras.

    Consider cutting back hedges and shrubbery to be able to observe the road clearly.



    On talking to a number of residents, if seem residents have become confused by the 3 numbers provided to them to call police on; 999, 101, and 02087212835.

    999 – Urgent calls or emergency calls (24hours/7 days).  It really is a matter for the individual as to what they deem urgent.  Hopefully common sense prevails.  On calling 999 the operator should advise you accordingly.   For example, if our occupier had opened their curtains to enquire on the light activation/ shadow and someone was trying to force their door, it must be ‘999’ straight away. If there is a crime in progress then we need to get officers there as quick as possible.  The operator would grade the attendance as immediate and officers aim to be on scene within 15 minutes arriving in traditional blue light fashion and hopefully catching our burglar.

    101 - However if our occupier had discovered marks the next morning on the door frame then the suspect was clearly long gone but as there may be fingerprints or traces of blood our occupier is encouraged to report the incident to police.  This would be an example when the use of the 101 number (24hours/7days) is appropriate.  The operator will take down details and grade the call with a ‘Significant’ response.  This means a slightly slower attendance time of up to 60 minutes or via an appointment at a time convenient to the caller. Arrangements will also be made for a Scenes of Crime Officer to also attend and conduct an examination for forensics. Local enquiries will also be conducted for possible witnesses i.e. knocking on your neighbours’ doors will start.

    Subsequant to either initial attendance our occupier should receive a visit/contact from a Local Policing Team Officer over the next 24-72hrs. This officer attending will be able to offer such things as a Crime Prevention Survey and Crime Prevention Advice Leaflet (Burglary Pack) to our occupier and offer any appropriate assistance and advice. Further enquires would also be made with neighbours both sides and opposite to try and trace witnesses and inform them of the local crime. If there is no reply from knocking at their neighbours a Burglary Alert leaflet will be posted enquiring as to whether they may have seen anything and offering similar advice and crime prevention surveys.

    The contact number left is 02087212835 which is the number for Palmers Green Ward. This number is not staffed 24hours/7days.  If there is no answer, please leave a message, with your name, number and address on the attached answer machine and we will get back to you the next time we are on duty.  Alternatively a similar call to 101 could be made; the details of this would be passed on to the team and given an ‘Extended’ response time of up to 72hours.


    999 – URGENT attendance required – Response time of under 15mins.

    101 - Police required but not as an emergency Response.

    02087212835 – Palmers Green Ward residents wishing to contact their Local Policing Team for advice/arrange a visit/on going neighbourhood problems, etc. Slow time or appointment driven police attendance or communication required.

    If anyone would like a crime prevention survey please contact us via telephone or if you have access to a computer email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    We are in the process of updating our community contacts lists.  Please could you email us any changes to your email, address or telephone number so we can update our systems with your correct details.

    If you are not currenctly a community contact and would be interested in being one please supply us with your currenct contact details.  Being a community contact involves being contacted about current issues in the London area and whether you have any information to assist us.

    Useful Contacts

    24/7 Police Station

    • Edmonton Police station. 462 Fore Street, Edmonton N9 0PW

    Front Counters - Monday to Friday 10am-6pm

    • Enfield Police Station, 41 Baker Street, Enfield, EN1 3EU

    Contact Points - Wednesday and Thursday evenings 7pm-8pm.  Saturday afternoon 2pm-3pm.

    • Hertford Road SN base, 864-866 Hertford Road, Enfield, EN3 6UD
    • Morrisons Supermarket, Aldermans Hill, N13 4YD
    • North Middlesex Hospital, main Entrance, Sterling Way, N18 1QX
    • Southgate Police Station, 25 Chase Side N14 5DW


    • PS Jenny Martin
    • Dedicated Ward Officers - PC Daniel Morris and PCSO Jennifer Arkwright
    • Telephone number 0208 721 2835


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    Official World War One Commemoration in Broomfield Park

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    Monday 4 August 2014 – 2.00pm The War Memorial, Broomfield Park, Broomfield Lane, N13 4HE

    Enfield will commemorate the centenary of the start of World War One in 1914 with an event at Broomfield Park’s War Memorial on Monday August 4.

    Community leaders including the Leader of Enfield Council, Cllr Doug Taylor, Cabinet Member for Community Organisations, Cllr Yasemin Brett, the mayors of Enfield’s twin towns of Courbevoie and Gladbeck Serges Deses Maison and Ulrich Roland, as well as veterans from the armed forces and members of the public will attend the event.

    Garden of Remembrance Broomfield Park

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    Join a focus group to discuss GP services in London

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    The transformation of London’s general practice services is an agreed priority for the NHS in London. To help to understand the needs of patients and carers across London they are holding a series of focus groups with different community groups, patient groups, and users of GP services to help them understand the full range of needs.

    NHS England London Region wants to hear from you. They are inviting members of the public to take part in one of their focus groups to help improve GP services across London:

  • Mums with young children (date to be confirmed)
  • Adults under 65 (14th August)
  • Adults over 65 (19th August)
  • Adults with an experience of cancer (18th August)
  • Older people who have a Long term condition (20th August)
  • Carers of young disabled children (date to be confirmed)
  • Carers (21st August) People who would describe themselves as being LGBT (27th August)
  • People who would describe themselves as being from a Black, minority or ethnic group (20th August)
  • GP Patient Practice Groups (PPG) members (28th August)
  • Please note pre registration is required to attend a focus group and participants can only attend one focus group. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register your interest or telephone 0113 807 0481.

    More details.

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    Healthwatch Enfield seeking volunteers to help monitor health services in the borough

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    Would you like to help HealthWatch Enfield improve local health and social care services? Can you help them reach out to local communities and find out about their experiences as patients, carers and service users? Do you have personal experience, skills and enthusiasm to offer?

    HealthWatch Enfield welcomes and values contributions from all sections of the community, including people of all ages from 16 upwards.

    They are currently looking for volunteers for the following roles:

    Click on each heading to read a description of the role

    For more information, visit the Volunteering page on the Healtwatch Enfield website.

    Healthwatch Enfield will have a stall at the Edmonton Festival on Saturday 26th July.  They would like to hear about your experiences of health and social care services.  More information on this page.

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    Things for the kids - and you - to do this summer

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    summer of fun 2014
    Enfield's Council's Everybody Active and Play Development teams have prepared a pretty comprehensive programme of summer events for all ages.  There's a 26-page brochure that you can download with details of the activities and how to book.  They include:

    • Cycle training for adults and over-10s
    • Athlefit
    • Cardio Tennis
    • Horse riding
    • Golf
    • Self-defence
    • Trampolining
    • Jogging
    • Yoga
    • 50+ Swimming
    • Bowls
    • Boxing
    • Table tennis
    • Archery
    • ChaSamba
    • Basketball
    • Cricket
    • Athletics

    Some of the activities are adapted for disabled people.

    You can download the brochure or pick one up from a library or the Dugdale Centre.

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    Broomfield Blues - Five Sizzling Sundays in the Park

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    Following last August's resoundingly successful revival, Broomfield Blues is returning this year with five servings of the very best Blues and music loosely derived from the Blues.  The concerts at the bandstand in Broomfield Park will be held every Sunday in August.  Each Sunday afternoon will see a different mix of music organised by the Vintage Music Association, the people behind the local St Harmonica's Blues Club (every Friday at St Monica's Club in Cannon Hill).

    broomfield blues 2014 smaller

    Each concert will start with an hour-long "open mic" session - a chance for local talent to show off their skills.  Then at 2.30 the musicians from St Harmonica's will come on stage for a three hour show.

    Hot and cold food and drinks (including a licensed bar) will be available, courtesy of local traders such as Cafe Choo Choo, El Dorado and Buffalo Burgers, and there will even be home-made ice cream on sale.  Starbucks are supplying coffee for free and it will be sold by three local charities - Noah's Ark Children's Hospice, North London Samaritans and the Ruth Winston Centre

    The concerts (click on the title for details)
    August 3rd - Slide Guitar Special
    August 10th - The Real Folk Blues
    August 17th - Jazz Them Blues
    August 24th - Rockin' the Blues
    August 31st - Bringing it all Back Home

    noahsArk logoNoah's Ark Children's Hospice

    Noah's Ark is an expanding children's hospice service, seeking to serve an estimated 900 life-limited or life-threatened children or young people, and their families, living within the communities of Enfield, Barnet, Camden, Haringey and Islington.

    Our aim is to support these families, often by working in partnership with other agencies, delivering flexible services that encompass the whole family - enabling them to live positive lives and face the future with hope, following the death of their child.  These services range from practical and emotional support, ultimately through to end-of-life and bereavement care.

    Logo of Ruth Winston CentreRuth Winston Centre

    Ruth Winston Centre is a registered charity whose mission is to promote independence, well-being and activities for the over 50s in Enfield. Ruth Winston Centre has around 1100 members and offers 60 classes and/or activities per week exclusively for the over 50s. In addition to learning and staying connected with others, we promote healthy living and well-being through our faciliation of additional services such as blood pressure checks, chiropody, hairdressing, flu jabs, stroke clinic, health trainer advice and support to name but a few. Ruth Winston Centre is a place where information of interest to the over 50s may be presented and exchanged. For those who otherwise would spend their days at home alone it is a vitally important resource for the over 50s in this borough

     samaritansNorth London Samaritans

    Samaritans provides emotional support across three large north London boroughs, both inner city and suburban. Consequently, our range of callers and the problems they need to talk through covers the widest spectrum. EHB Samaritans never know who or what they are going to encounter when they answer the 'phone or open the front door to a visitor to the branch. Which is why our selection and training to become a Samaritan volunteer necessarily needs to be rigorous and thorough. However, while the work is very challenging at times, it is always rewarding.

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    PG Library closure: Changes to arrangements for extended hours at other libraries

    Written by PGC Webmaster on . Posted in Council Services

    Enfield Council's Library Service has modified the planned extended opening hours at neighbouring libraries which are designed to compensate for the year-long closure of Palmers Green Library from 26 July.

    There will now be extended hours only at Southgate Circus, Winchmore Hill and Ridge Avenue libraries and not at Bowes Road.  The extended hours will not start until 11 August.

      Southgate Circus Winchmore Hill Ridge Avenue
    Monday 9am-8pm 9am-8pm 9am-8pm
    Tuesday 9am-5pm 9am-7pm 9am-8pm
    Wednesday   9am-6pm 9am-8pm
    Thursday 9am-8pm 9am-6pm 9am-8pm
    Friday 9am-5.30pm 9am-5.30pm 9am-5.30pm
    Saturday 9am-5pm 9am-5.30pm 9am-5pm

    The Enfield website previously referred to a mobile library parked in the Lodge Avenue car park, but all reference to that has now disappeared.

    At the newly added Public Engagement Meeting at the Library on 22nd July members of the public will be able to question Anne Crowne from Enfield Property Services.  If you're unable to attend or would like to send in questions in advance, you can contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 020 8379 3019.  

    More information on Enfield Council website.

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