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Firs Farm finds Friends

Written by Basil Clarke on . Posted in Parks & Open Space

Despite being part of a big city, we're certainly not short of green space in Palmers Green and around.  Broomfield Park, Arnos Park and Grovelands Park immediately spring to mind, but the smaller patches of green are also very important.  Firs Farm Playing Fields is an excellent example of a smaller, but very attractive "green lung".  Like the bigger parks, it now has its own "Friends", a group being set up by local resident Toni Guiver.  The Friends of Firs Farm have their own Facebook page and are holding a meeting this Wednesday inside the park both to talk about the Friends group and its ideas for the park and to discuss an important project which we describe below (take a torch with you - it will be dark by the end of the meeting).

If you're interested in the future of Firs Farm but can't make the meeting you can contact Toni at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by writing to her at 253 Firs Lane, N21 2PH.

Restoring a buried river

In recent years the trend has been away from obsessively tidying up and trying to control nature, so we're seeing more areas where grass is allowed to grow tall and there's a new wildflower meadow in Broomfield Park.  What's more, it's now realised that the attempt to control nature doesn't always work as we expect.  We now know that canalising rivers and streams to increase their rate of flow, or burying them beneath the ground, can cause flash floods of residential areas and pollution of the river Lea, which is used both as a leisure destination and to extract drinking water.  The new strategy is to slow down streams and create soakaways, which absorb water and filter out the pollutants before they reach the bigger rivers.  The newly created wetland areas are also attractive in terms of flora and fauna.

One such project is the restoration of the stream that runs through the woodland part of Grovelands Park, being run jointly by Thames 21 and Enfield Council.  Less well known is a similar scheme in Firs Farm Playing Fields.  The Firs Farm Playing Fields River Restoration Project began this year and there will be second phase in 2015.  It involves bringing back to the surface a buried stream running along the north side of the park, near to the boundary with Edmonton Cemetery.

The Firs Farm River Restoration Event will include briefings by council officials and provide a chance to air your views about the future of Firs Farm.  Meet at the entrance gate opposite 253 Firs Lane at 5pm on Wednesday 1st October.

firs farm river restoration

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New Neighbourhood Watch sets up Facebook page

Written by PGC Webmaster on . Posted in News

The new Neighbourhood Watch that was set up to cover Park Avenue and New River Crescent was formally registered with in June.  It has its own Facebook page for communication between residents of these two streets.

Pamela Ramatohul, the Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator, is inviting anyone living in Park Avenue, New River Crescent or adjacent and neighbouring roads to join the Facebook Group.  You can go straight to the page by clicking here or type in 'Neighbourhood Watch: Park Avenue and New River Crescent' to find the group.  Then request membership and Facebook message the group (Pamela) telling her which road you live on.  Once your membership is accepted, you will be able to post messages on the timeline, share information and complaints and suggestions, ask questions, keep up to date with the latest happenings in your neighbourhood and basically be involved.

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Autumn Shed - performance skills for 5-12 year olds

Written by PGC Webmaster on . Posted in Theatre and Cinema

This year's Autumn Shed at Chickenshed runs from 27th to 31st October and is suitable for 5 to 12-year olds (Year 1 and upwards).  The cost is £130 (50% discount for siblings).  Hours are 10am to 4pm.

Participants at this week-long event will explore and develop a wide range of performance skills through workshops that involve drama, dance, singing and story-making. Parents and friends will be invited in on the final afternoon to see a performance.

Everyone is welcome regardless of experience.

For details visit the Chickenshed website.

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Introducing the Enfield Veg Co

Written by PGC Webmaster on . Posted in News

The latest addition to our Community Directory is the Enfield Veg Co, whose mission is to provide us with locally grown, super-fresh organic vegetables, which it delivers once a weed to four pick-up points, one of which is in Palmers Green - Baskerville's Tea Shop.  We'll let them introduce themselves.

enfield veg bagIntroducing the Enfield Veg Co.

Enfield Veg Co. is a local, organic veg bag delivery scheme run by Forty Hall Farm in north Enfield. The Farm is part of Capel Manor College. When you sign up to become a member, you receive a weekly supply of fresh seasonal vegetables. Simply choose what size bag you want from the three sizes available: small (£7 per week), medium (£10 per week) or large (£13 per week).

What’s in the bags?

The contents of the bags vary every week depending on what is in season but we usually include a mix of more everyday veg (things like potatoes, carrots and onions) with seasonal treats. In the summer, this includes salad items such as tomatoes, mixed salad bags, courgettes and cucumbers. In the winter, expect to see veg like pumpkins, beetroot, winter greens and root veg. Everything is organic and locally grown, with the majority of produce coming from Forty Hall Farm in Enfield.

How does it work?

The bags are packed on a Wednesday morning and are available to collect from one of our pick-up points from 3pm the same Wednesday. At the moment, we have four pick-up points: Forty Hall Farm (Forty Hill); Capel Manor College (Bullsmoor Lane); Baskervilles Tea Shop (Palmers Green) and the Civic Centre in central Enfield. The pick-up points are self-service so you can collect your bag whenever suits you, up until Thursday evening.

Why should I sign up?

There are loads of reasons to sign-up for one of our veg bags. Here are some of them: 

  • We are a not-for-profit enterprise, which means we don’t have shareholders or anyone else making a tidy sum. Any surplus we make is reinvested to help us pursue our aim of making fresh organic food more easily and readily available in Enfield.
  • We pride ourselves on offering produce with zero food miles. When possible, our veg bags contain produce grown on Forty Hall Farm in Forty Hill, Enfield. This means you’re getting veg direct from the producer, which reduces costs and carbon emissions. We never use produce that has been flown or shipped from outside the UK.
  • Don’t panic, it’s organic, and certified by the Soil Association. This means food that is produced in ways that benefit people and the environment.
  • Our veg is super fresh. Buying direct from local farms means our veg travels from the fields to your fork very quickly, and is often packed on the same day that it is picked. This means it tastes better and keeps longer.
  • Local food means greater transparency. We will always tell you exactly where your veg has come from, so you always know exactly what you’re eating, where it has been grown and who has grown it.

Find out more

For more information and to sign up to receive our veg bags, visit our website or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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Changes to Enfield Residents' Priority Fund

Written by Basil Clarke on . Posted in News

Enfield Council has publlshed information about changes to how the Enfield Residents' Priority Fund (ERPF) will operate over the next year.  The criteria for assessing applications have changed and emphasis is being placed on tackling deprivation in the ward in question.

During 2013/14 one of the most notable uses of the ERPF was to fund the erection of the new clock at Palmers Green Triangle.  If the "addressing deprivation" is to be more rigidly imposed in future, it seems unlikely that a similar application would succeed this year (unless deprivation in that case referred to people who could not afford to buy a watch).

The following text is taken from the Enfield Council website's Residents' Priority Fund page.

The ERPF is continuing in 2014/15 with a total fund of £700,000, which will continue to be distributed to wards based on their relative deprivation, with the most deprived wards having larger allocations. The key ERPF application criteria remain the same. All applications must demonstrate that:

    • They address one or more forms of deprivation within the ward
    • They have measurable effect on the ward
    • There is evidence of wide ranging support from local residents

To ensure that as many groups and residents as possible are able to benefit from the ERPF and bring real improvement to the communities and neighbourhoods new additional criteria have been added.

    • No single application to a ward may exceed £5,000
    • Applications covering more than one ward will be considered, providing that the amount from each ward does not exceed £5,000
    • Organisations may only have one application approved from a ward’s allocation for the year
    • Proposals must not duplicate existing Council / Voluntary and Community Sector provision
    • Applications for match funding will be accepted

The revised Enfield Residents’ Priority Fund 2014/15 Guidance provides full details of the criteria and application process.Four Enfield Residents’ Priority Fund Cabinet Sub Committee meetings are planned for 2014/15 at which applications will be considered. If you would like further information or a Word version of the application form please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Broomfield Park goes Gold

Written by PGC Webmaster on . Posted in Parks & Open Space

Ahead of their quarterly open meeting next week, the Friends of Broomfield Park are celebrating their favourite green space's two Gold awards in this year's Enfield in Bloom competition.

The Park won Gold in the Best Maintained Park category, while one of its most interesting features, the Broomfield Community Orchard, won Gold in the Innovative Growing Space category.  Another Broomfield Park attraction, the Broomfield Conservatory, was awarded Bronze for its Exceptional Horticultural Contribution for the Local Community.

palmers greenery community cafeCredit for the Park's gold award is shared among the (these days very small) team of gardeners and other council employees on the one hand, and the Friends on the other.  As well as keeping up the pressure on the Council to look after the Park, the Friends themselves have been tending various parts of the Park, including the new wildflower meadow, the sensory garden and the Dipali Memorial Garden.  They have also been heavily involved in restoring the Garden of Remembrance in time for the WW1 commemoration.

The Community Orchard and Conservatory are both run entirely by Friends of Broomfield Park volunteers, as is the most recent addition to the Park, the long awaited Palmers Greenery community cafe, where the home made cakes, friendly service and reasonable prices have proved a great hit with visitors to the Park.  This Sunday the Greenery will host David Rennie's Water Game - great fun for all ages.

To find out more about the numerous projects that the Friends are working on, and to provide your own ideas and feedback, why not go along to the quarterly Open Meeting on Thursday 2nd October at the Ruth Winston Centre?  (Incidentally, the Ruth Winston Centre was another award winner in this year's Enfield in Bloom.)

Related web pages:

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Enfield Carers Centre's Best Breakfast Campaign

Written by Basil Clarke on . Posted in Charities and Volunteering

Enfield Carers Centre has contacted Palmers Green Community asking for help from our readers for its Best Breakfast Campaign, which will take place in October.  A good opportunity for those of us who are fortunate enough not to have carer responsibilities (at the moment anyway) to help this organisation provide its invaluable support to those who need it.

britainsbestbreakfastDear Friends in Palmers Green,

Many of our registered carers live in N13 so it’s great to see that community spirit in N13 is live and kicking in the form of your website. 

Who are we?

Enfield Carers Centre supports people living all over the borough who are looking after a partner, family member (whether adult or child) or close friend with a disability or illness, whether long term or life limiting.  The last census in Enfield revealed that there are over 30,000 residents caring for someone and national statistics show that although less than 3 in 10 people think they will become a carer, actually 6 out of 10 of us will be carers!  We’re not talking about those who do care work for a living.  We’re talking about the unsung heroes who simply get on with the daily (sometimes thankless) task of looking after a loved one.

We support carers young and old (currently the youngest is 6 years old and cares for his Mum who’s a single parent with MS) and there’s no upper age limit.  I’ve attached copies of past newsletters to give you an idea of our activities.  We will soon have no future funding to continue our young carers support project and so we’re campaigning for help.  Have a look at our Facebook and Twitter sites (see the links below) to get more of a feel of what we’ve been up to lately.

What are we doing?

We are organising a national fundraising campaign with our affiliated body Carers Trust (formerly Princess Royal Trust for Carers).  The campaign is for Britain’s Best Breakfast and the idea is to encourage people to host a breakfast to raise money for young carer activities organised by Enfield Carers Centre or donate the money they would have spent on breakfast during the weekend of 17-19 October 2014.  The Carers Trust website gives more details.

How can Palmers Green Community website help?

There are three main things you can help us with:

  1. We need to spread the word about our campaign and encourage people in N13 to host a breakfast and donate money to Enfield Carers Centre.
  2. We also need to recruit willing volunteers to help us approach outlets that sell breakfast e.g. pubs, cafés, restaurants, supermarkets and ask them to display our PR material and encourage their customers to make a small donation to Enfield Carers Centre for young carers. Our Volunteer Co-ordinator is Helen Watson This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and she’ll be happy to speak with you in more detail about this, once you’ve had a chance to think about the contents of this email.
  3. Please also have a think about what could be done at Palmers Green Community Website to raise awareness about Enfield Carers Centre, with people living in Palmers Green, who may not have previously recognised themselves as “a Carer”, but who could benefit from some additional, free support such as: counselling; respite breaks; training; wellbeing workshops; support groups; befriending services etc.

 I look forward to hearing from you and to working in partnership with Palmers Green Community Website more closely so that we can help “hidden” carers in Palmers Green.

Kind regards,

Pamela Burke
Enfield Carers Centre
Britannia House
137-143 Baker Street
T: 020 8366 3677
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Helping people recover through their own creativity

Written by PGC Webmaster on . Posted in Charities and Volunteering

studio306The newest addition to our Community Directory is Studio 306, which is a community interest company based in the Chocolate Factory, Wood Green.  Studio 306 helps people to recover from mental health problems by empowering them to use their creativity.  Specialised tutors teach them, helping them to rediscover forgotten skills, learn new ones and boost their confidence in four creative disciplines:

  • ceramics - produced using stoneware slip and earthenware clay and featuring bright and bold designs
  • sterling silver jewellery - twisted, hammered and bent into intriguing pieces
  • textiles - bags, cushions, hats, scarves, fashion accessories and soft furnishings created using materials sourced locally including colorful silks, linens and velvets.
  • screen printed products - including greeting cards and fabrics.

studio306-2 studio306-1

As a not-for-profit company, all the profits from the sale of products goes straight back into the collective.

Studio 306 products are designed and produced to high commercial standards and are sold in prestigious outlets in the West End, as well as at craft markets and through the online crafts retailer Etsy.  They are also on sale at the annual Open Studios event at the Chocolate Factory, which this year runs from 14th to 16th November.

To find out more about Studio 306 visit its website or watch this short film.

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Join the Pumpkin Plod to help sick children and their families

Written by PGC Webmaster on . Posted in Charities and Volunteering

Noah's Ark Children's Hospice, the locally based charity that helps look after very sick children and their families, is organising an event with a difference this Hallowe'en - a Pumpkin Plod in which people of all ages can participate.

The Plod, on the afternoon of 25th October, starts and finishes at the delightful Waterlow Park, half way up Highgate Hill (famous for Dick Whittington).

Start the day at 2pm with Hallowe'en themed activities before plodding through the streets of Highgate, dressed as pumpkins, to help raise awareness of Noah's Ark Children's Hospice. Then put on your best pumpkin costume or wear your brightest orange outfit and be a part of our pumpkin parade! Face painters will help to transform our walkers into fantastic pumpkins before the walk will begin at 4pm from Waterlow Park and lead out onto Highgate Village.

pumpkin plodAll ages welcome!

Registration fees:

  • 12 years and OVER: £15
  • 5 - 11years olds: £7.50
  • Children under 5 years old walk for FREE
  • Family option: £35 (2 adults walking with 2 children under the age of 12 years old).

For more information, contact Gina on 020 8449 8877 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To find out about Noah's Ark Children's hospice visit and watch the film below.

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Symphonic Tots: new classes start next week

Written by PGC Webmaster on . Posted in News

Symphonic Tots - Mondays at Baskervilles

Weekly 40 min classes cover all areas of the early years foundation stage.

Class sizes are small to maintain quality and interaction with every child and carer, chance to try a small instrument and develop active listening skills. Quality percussion kits for each child, orchestral instruments are introduced by Marianne and her team of professional musicians throughout the course, alongside live Cello & Kodaly Method musical training.

Symphonic Tots was created by professional musician and teacher Marianne Tyler Brown Live Harp, Cello, Violin, Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Trumpet, French Horn with mini instruments to try for this course alongside quality percussion kits and lots of fun!

Book early for current rates for our next 5 week course at Baskerville's Tea Shop Palmers Green Sept 22, 29 Oct 6,13, 20! Come and try a class first! Other venues/days also available please see our website!

Baskervilles Tea Shop, 66 Aldermans Hill, Palmers Green, N134PP

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

£7.50 (1st child) £4.50 (siblings)

Monday mornings starting at  10.15 & 11.00 am

0 months to 5 years



PG Festival 2014 - a tremendous success!

Written by Basil Clarke on . Posted in News

pg festival on the dancefloorWow, what a wonderful Festival!  Thanks to the brilliant team of organisers and helpers, stallholders and the public, who turned up in droves and joined in the fun (especially the dancing).

pg festival volunteers with mayorThe Festival organisers estimate a turn out of nearly 10,000, ranging from babes in arms to those of us who are enjoying our "third age" and truly reflecting our diverse community.

pg festival enfield voluntary actionA new feature this year was the Community Friendship Zone, organised in conjunction with the Ruth Winston Centre. Yvonne Quiqley, manager of the Centre, commented that the Community Friendship Zone had been “a wonderful place for people to come and gather information and advice from a number of organisations in the borough and hopefully solved some of their needs and those of their loved ones. The Community Friendship Zone was  an excellent opportunity for us to work together to break isolation and engage with the older community in the hope of encouraging them to join in an activity or group across the borough and seek the companionship they need.  We look forward to carrying on our work throughout the year together on many projects.”

pg festival dance demonstrationThe Festival would not have been possible without the support of local sponsor, Winkworths estate agents, and the huge team of volunteers who turned out on the day.  One volunteer from Palmers Green, Amrit Sagoo, said, “I volunteered at this superbly organised event, right down to the softly shining sun!  It was good to part of it but more than that to give something back even if only my time to a place where I’ve lived for almost 12 years.  A big well done and thank you to all those involved.” 

(Oops, nearly forgot to mention the ice cream!)

Photographs:  Phil Rogers

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St Nicholas Fair 2014 - a call for helpers

Written by PGC Webmaster on . Posted in News

Just up the road in Winchmore Hill the N21 Festival people are planning this December's St Nicholas Fair, to take place on Winchmore Hill Green on 13th December.  This is a big event and needs help - both money and people.  See below.

The N21 team have been busy throughout the summer planning the N21 St Nicholas Festival which is to be held on The Green on the 13th December 2014 from 11.00-19.00 

st nicholas fair 2014 square

Our thoughts and dreams ...

There will also be an ice-rink, an amazing grotto, an ice mountain maybe, plenty of stalls, a large stage, carriage-rides, childrens party, St Nicholas and much much more

We need Money !

To pay for road closures, refuse, toilets, stages, generators ...zzzzzz
But at the same time we can promote your business - see our amazing offer here
We are looking for people who would like to sponsor or make a donation towards the costs. Without this , it may not happen.

We want you !

As before we want to include everyone.

As in previous festivals we can not do this without calling upon you all to help in which ever way you can.

There will be a large stage, the same as the summer festival, with music and dancing.  If anyone would like to be involved with this part of the festival please get in touch. Perhaps you are a musician, a roadie , impressario or just keen to get involved in music - get in touch !

If anyone knows someone who could help with putting together a brochure for the event we would be very grateful. Sitting at home on your own ? Come and meet new people !  

Also helping our facebook and twitter team would be a great asset.

Can you create an ice mountain on The Green or know someone who could - get in touch!

We will be having three meetings in the Kings Head before Christmas the dates of which are 11th September, 16th October and 26th November upstairs in the Kings Head.  Come along to any of the meetings and have an informal chat and let us know any ideas you may have to make the day very special.

As always we need plenty of help on the day for how ever long you can spare – we need to spread the load.

We need help with

  • Design
  • Structures
  • Photography
  • Film making
  • Admin
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Running the stage
  • Running attractions
  • Delivering Leaflets
  • Being on the stage
  • Marketing
  • A number of humans who can ask - how can I help ?

If you feel you can help in any way please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 07979853520 or come along on Thursday.

Stalls are now available 

We are expecting thousands of people on the day - The application form for the stalls is now on the website here.

st nicholas fair 2014 stallholders

Could you have an agents board outside your property before the event ?  Great, let us have your details here.

Dont forget the meeting - this Thursday 11th September in The Kings Head at 8.00pm

Look forward to hearing from you or seeing you soon

Best wishes,

Ann and Hugh


St Nicholas Fair December 2012 Winchmore Hill

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New WEA courses start this month: 100 Years of Cinema, Introduction to Social Anthropology and more

Written by PGC Webmaster on . Posted in News

WEA Enfield launches its 2014/15 courses later this month. There are three different venues:  Enfield Baptist Church, the Burford Centre in Palmers Green and Southgate House (the Beaumont Centre) in Cannon Hill.

100 years of cinemaNew members are always welcome to join a class at any time during a term and can take advantage of the "taste and see" policy for five, ten or twenty week courses by attending their first session free.

C2417610 - Introduction to Social Anthropology Part One 26/09/2014 to 05/12/2014 for 10 sessions, Fri 10:00 Tutor: Yasmin Hales-Henao

C2417597 - Film Studies: One Hundred Years of Cinema 22/09/2014 to 27/10/2014 for 6 sessions, Mon 19:00

C2417596 - Literature: Ripe for Rediscovery - Some Neglected 20th Century Writers 22/09/2014 to 23/03/2015 for 20 sessions, Mon 14:00 Tutor: Michael King

C2417598 - Art History: The Art of World War 1 23/09/2014 to 02/12/2014 for 10 sessions, Tue 09:15 Tutor: Mark Banting

C2417601 - Geology: Geological Maps and Mapping 23/09/2014 to 24/03/2015 for 20 sessions, Tue 14:00 in Palmers Green Tutor: Michael Howgate

C2417602 - Music Studies: Operas, ballets and their composers (1870-1920) 24/09/2014 to 25/03/2015 for 20 sessions, Wed 13:45 Tutor: Alan Mills

C2417609 - Art History: Art and Social Context 1890-1910 25/09/2014 to 04/12/2014 for 10 sessions, Thu 10:30 Tutor: Peter Harrison

C2417646 - Georgian London: palaces, portraits and pleasure gardens 25/10/2014 to 25/10/2014 for 1 sessions, Sat 10:00 Tutor: Mark Banting

For full details visit

workers educational association

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Government consulting public over changes to planning laws

Written by PGC Webmaster on . Posted in Planning & Development

The Department for Communities and Local Government has launched a public consultation about proposed changes to planning laws which are aimed at "streamlining the planning system".  The proposals are described in Technical Consultation on Planning (click on the title to download).  This is a complex 98 page document, but its proposals are summarized by the Department as follows:

We are seeking views on proposals which will:

    • make it even easier for residents and business to come together to produce a neighbourhood plan, drawing on the experience gained from over 900 neighbourhood areas which have already been designated by local authorities
    • expand permitted development rights, further reducing red tape, supporting housing and growth; these proposals will help ensure the planning system is proportionate and full planning permission is only required where this is genuinely justified
    • improve the use of planning conditions and enable development to start more quickly on site after planning permission is granted
    • improve engagement with statutory consultees so they are consulted in a proportionate way on those developments where their input is most valuable
    • remove unnecessary bureaucracy and reduce the cost and time taken to get planning permission, by raising the environmental impact assessment screening thresholds for industrial estate and urban development projects which are located outside of defined sensitive areas
    • expand the number of non-planning consents which can be included within a development consent order

The main effect of the proposed changes would be to make it easier and quicker for land and property owners to carry out new build, alter existing buildings or change the uses of buildings and land.  This general principle includes making it easier for shops, restaurants, banks etc to convert from one use to another - with two important exceptions:  the Department is proposing reduced flexibility where owers wish to convert shops or offices into betting shops or pay-day loan offices

Anyone wishing to express views about the proposals is invited to complete an online response form and write to or email the Department.  The deadline is 11.45pm on 26 September 2014.

Related links

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"New Jarrow" March to pass through Palmers Green on Friday

Written by PGC Webmaster on . Posted in News

The People's March for the NHS (also known as the "New Jarrow March") will be passing through Palmers Green on Friday afternoon (5th September) on its penultimate leg, which begins in St Albans at 9am and finishes in Fore Street, Edmonton, where it is expected to arrive at around 5.30pm.

People's March for the NHSThe March has been organised to protest against the Coalition Government's NHS reforms.  It set out from Jarrow (near Newcastle on Tyne) on 16th August and will finish at Trafalgar Square this Saturday afternoon.  The route is very similar to that taken by the marchers who took part in the Jarrow Crusade in 1936.

On Friday the march will reach Palmers Green and Edmonton via Chipping Barnet, New Barnet, East Barnet, New Southgate and Arnos Grove station.  It will pass along Bowes Road, Clockhouse Junction, the Cambridge Roundabout, Silver Street, Angel Corner and finish at Broad House in Fore Street.  On Saturday it will start from Edmonton Green at 10am, stop for luch in Clissold Park, Stoke Newington, and arrive at Trafalgar Square by 3.30pm.

Among supporter of the march who are expected to join it during the final two days are members of the Enfield Alliance against the Cuts.

For more information see the People's March website.

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PG Library closure - update on alternative arrangements

Written by PGC Webmaster on . Posted in Council Services

library closureEnfield Library and Museum Service has provided updated information about arrangements during the closure of Palmers Green Library.

The library will not reopen until autumn 2015.  In the meantime, opening hours have been extended at Winchmore Hill, Ridge Avenue and Southgate Circus libraries - click on the image to see the official notice.  In addition, a mobile library will be open in the Lodge Drive car park every Saturday from 9am to 5pm.

The Library and Museum Service has a web page with information about the library refurbishment programme and alternative arrangements.

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Palmers Green Festival - not long to go!

Written by PGC Webmaster on . Posted in News

festival crowds

Not long to go now till the 2014 Palmers Green Festival in Broomfield Park on 7th September.

climbing wallAs before, there will be events, activities and stalls to suit all ages and tastes:

  • NEW Music on the Green – from 12 noon local bands and singers at the new performance area on the old Bowling Green, organised by Lester Clayton;
  • Music on the Bandstand returns with an exciting lineup put together by Dexxmaster & DJ Slamz – including Choirs, folk, belly dancing, soul and more!
  • free dance lessons all day in the Dance Zone for all ages & abilities organised by Salsactricity – being at 12 noon with a Salsa for All line up;
  • NEW Community Friendship Zone – groups & activities helping older people get involved in the local community
  • Lots of stalls featuring many local community groups
  • A fantastic array of international cuisine;
  • Pimms & Beer tents;
  • Stalls with local traders and therapists;
  • Biddles Fun Fair, Climbing Wall and Bungee Fly and more for kids;
  • The Jubilee Park Dog Training School – bring your dog along to join in!
  • Special events in the Conservatory (plants for sale and Celtic music) and Orchard.

The festival website has full details, including a list of acts performing at the Bandstand and on the Bowling Green and a list of the range of food that will be on offer (including, as is now traditional, Hungarian Chimney Cakes!)

festival 2014 dancing

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Report concludes that North Mid "requires improvement"

Written by PGC Webmaster on . Posted in Health Services

A report based on the findings of a Care Quality Commission inspection into the services provided by the North Middlesex NHS Trust has assigned an overall rating of "Requires Improvement".  However, 60 per cent of services were rated as "Good" and Healthwatch Enfield appears to view the findings as encouraging.

Overall summary & rating: Requires improvement

Inspection areas

  • Safe: Requires improvement
  • Effective: Good
  • Caring: Good
  • Responsive: Requires improvement
  • Well-led: Requires improvement

Checks on specific services

  • Accident and emergency: Requires improvement
  • Medical care (including older people’s care): Requires improvement
  • Surgery: Good
  • Intensive/critical care: Good
  • Maternity and family planning: Good
  • Services for children & young people: Good
  • End of life care: Requires improvement
  • Outpatients: Requires improvement

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Inspection Summary

Overall summary & rating

Requires improvement
Inspection areas


Requires improvement






Requires improvement


Requires improvement
Checks on specific services

Accident and emergency

Requires improvement

Medical care (including older people’s care)

Requires improvement



Intensive/critical care


Maternity and family planning


Services for children & young people


End of life care

Requires improvement


Requires improvement

Planning permission refused for McDonalds drive-thru

Written by PGC Webmaster on . Posted in Planning & Development

Enfield Council have refused planning permission for a proposed McDonalds drive-thru restaurant at 188 Bowes Road (on the northern side, nearly opposite the end of Warwick Road and near Ritz Parade).  The refusal notice cites eight grounds for refusal, including the proximity of Broomfield School, "unacceptable break and disruption of the shopping frontage" and the fact that its construction would pre-empt long-term development objectives for this "key opportunity site" that are set out in the North Circular Area Action Plan.

The refusal represents a success for the campaign organised by the Broomfield Home Owners' and Residents' Association, which resulted in the Council receiving more than 60 letters of objection.  However, the developers have the right to appeal.

For more information and comments see the following:

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New waiting restrictions at Bourne Hill/Hoppers Road junction

Written by PGC Webmaster on . Posted in Traffic, Roads & Parking

Enfield Council have notified the public of their intention of introducing some new waiting and loading restrictions at a number of locations, including Bourne Hill.  See the text below.

Further information may be obtained from Traffic and Transportation:-
•    020-8379 3474 for the Angel Close N18, Cambridge Parade Great Cambridge Road EN1 and Hallside Road EN1 proposals,
•    020-8379 3566 for the Gater Drive EN1, Laurel Bank Road EN1, Lockfieki Avenue EN3 and Church Lane N9 area proposals, and
•    020-8379 3553 for the Lavender Road EN1, Norfolk Avenue N13 and Bourne Hill N13 proposals.
1. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Council of the London Borough of Enfield (the Council) propose to make the Enfield (Waiting and Loading Restriction) (Amendment No. *) Order 201• under sections 6 and 124 of and Part IV of Schedule 9 to the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984.
2. The general effect of the Order woukl be to:
(a) introduce new "at any time waiting restrictions in parts of the streets specified in the first paragraph of the heading to this Notice, which are mainly at the junctions in those streets;
(b) introduce new Monday to Friday 7 am to 6.30pm on the south-west side of Bourne Hill opposite its junction with Hoppers Road; and
(c) introduce new "at any time" loading restrictions in parts of the streets specified the final paragraph of the heading to this Notice, which are mainly at the
junctions of those streets.
3. A copy of each of the proposed Order, of maps indicating the locations and effects of the proposed Order, of the Council's statement of reasons for proposing to make the Order and any other relevant documents can be inspected at the Reception Desk. the Civic Centre, Silver Street, Enfield, Middlesex. EN1 3XD during normal office hours on Mondays to Fridays inclusive.
4. Any person desiring to object to the proposed Order. or make any other representations in respect of them should send a statement in writing to that effect, and in the case of an objection stating the grounds thereof, to the Head of Traffic and Transportation, the Civic Centre, Silver Street. Enfiek1, Middlesex, EN1 3XD, quoting the reference TG52/1254. by 3 September 2014.
5. Under the Local Government (Access to Information) Act 1985. any letter you write to the Council in response to this Notice may, upon written request, be made available to the press and to the public, who would be entitled to take copies of it if they so wished.
Dated 13 August 2014
DAVID B. TAYLOR Head of Traffic and Transportation

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