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Report finds no evidence that Chase Farm A&E closure has degraded emergency health services

Written by PGC Webmaster on . Posted in Health Services

A study by Healthwatch Enfield has "found no evidence" that the closure of the A&E service at Chase Farm Hospital has had an adverse effect on Enfield residents being able to access emergency services.  The authors of the study report also conclude that the Urgent Care Centre at Chase Farm has been coping well with unexpectedly high numbers of attendees.  However, they acknowledge that the A&E service at the North Middlesex Hospital has not been performing well, but, pointing out that this was already the case before Chase Farm A&E closed, do not find evidence that the closure has exacerbated the situation at the North Mid.

The report, entitled Attendance and performance at A&E departments serving Enfield residents since the closure of Chase Farm Hospital A&E, can be downloaded from the Healthwatch Enfield website.  The website also has an introductory page, which includes the bullet point summary shown in the box below.

  • As expected, there has been a rise in attendances at both North Middlesex University Hospital A&E and Barnet Hospital A&E. However, the data suggests that attendance has not increased to the high levels originally predicted
  • Waiting times at Barnet Hospital have improved since the closure of Chase Farm A&E
  • Chase Farm Urgent Care Centre is seeing an increasing number of patients (up to 900 a week at the busiest time) and consistently seeing them within a 2 hour time target
  • North Middlesex University Hospital A&E were not always reaching their waiting time targets before the closure of Chase Farm A&E. Since then their performance has been below target, more often than above. Given that attendances have not reached the levels predicted, it is unlikely that any drop in performance is directly related to closure of A&E at Chase Farm.
  • Although it has been difficult to make conclusive interpretations from published data due to the reasons outlined in the report, the report finds no evidence that the Clinical Strategy has had an adverse effect on Enfield residents being able to access emergency services.

The closure of Chase Farm A&E in December 2013 was a major element of the Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Clinical Strategy.  The A&E unit was replaced by an Urgent Care Centre, Older People’s Assessment Unit and Paediatric Assessment Unit. To compensate A&E provision at both Barnet Hospital and the North Mid was increased.

These changes were, and remain, controversial (to put it mildly).  Unfortunately, the Healthwatch report is unlikely to put an end to the arguments around Chase Farm, as the authors' conclusions are significantly qualified.  In addition to the normal problems with assessing the effectiveness of health service provision resulting from unpredictable variations in demand (whether hour-to-hour, day-to-day, or over longer periods), there were gaps in the data provided by the three hospitals and used to  make the assessment.

An important part of the "Clinical Strategy" was supposed to be improvements to provision of primary care (eg GP surgeries) to compensate for any reduction in hospital capacity.  The report mentions that Healthwatch Enfield is monitoring primary care services but does not include any assessment of whether or not the promised extra primary care services were ever put in place.  In late 2013 this was a key issue associated with the unsuccessful legal action taken by Enfield Council in a bid to postpone the Chase Farm changes.

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Flooding in Arnos Park

Written by PGC Webmaster on . Posted in Parks & Open Space

This was the scene in Arnos Park on Wednesday when the Pymmes Brook burst its banks and inundated part of the park, as captured by "Bob" and uploaded to his Vimeo channel.

Reducing or preventing this sort of flash flooding is what Thames 21/Love the Lea are working so hard on.  They are deliberately slowing down streams by planting vegetation and creating soakaways.  Among the problems that they face, however, are misplumbed houses where waste that should go into sewers instead goes into the pipes that are meant to deal with rainwater.  When those flood in heavy rain the waste from toilets gets washed into streams, from which it flows into the Lea and eventually into the Thames.

Another big problem is the number of houses where front gardens have been paved over.  If the gardens were still there, rainwater would soak into them, but instead it flows onto the street and down the drains.

What is happening in the Lea?

As an urban waterway the River Lea and its tributaries receive pollution from a variety of sources within the catchment. Right now polluted water enters the Lea through three main avenues:

  • Plumbing Misconnections: up to 10% of homes have incorrectly connected dishwashers, washing machines, showers and toilets to drainpipes that lead directly to rivers instead of the sewer.
  • Road run-off: when it rains, oil, fuel, dirt and grit from roads is washed down the drains and directly into rivers.
  • Sewage overflow: in some areas sewer pipes and storm drains are connected (a combined sewer) meaning that when it rains, rainwater enters the sewage pipes along with household waste. If there is too much water in this system it will overflow, adding human waste into the waterways.

This pollution impacts animal and plant life and discourages people from enjoying the river.  Phosphates in laundry soap add the essential element Phosphorus to the river, which in large amounts can lead to the explosive growth of algae, thereby outcompeting other plants in the river system.
To learn more about the sources of pollution click here.

What is Thames21 doing?

Thames21 has recognised that one way to stop polluted water from entering a river and take pressure off aging sewers is to create a natural drainage system or SuDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems). These direct rainwater off roads or car parks onto vegetated green space, so water goes into the ground instead of the drain! This reduces the amount for water in the sewers meaning that the wastewater will make it to the treatment plant to be cleaned instead of overflowing into local watercourses during times of heavy rain.


Click on the graphic to enlarge


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Posted: Today 09:23 by Paul Mandel #1522
Paul Mandel's Avatar
PG Webmaster Says: "Another big problem is the number of houses where front gardens have been paved over. If the gardens were still there, rainwater would soak into them, but instead it flows onto the street and down the drains."

Well stop backing mini-Holland then. Enfield Council has admitted this scheme will result in more paved over front gardens
Posted: Today 09:50 by Karl Brown #1524
Karl Brown's Avatar
Permeable paving and other forms of SUD supporting systems are now very common from all major suppliers so that shouldn’t be an issue; but aesthetics is another matter.

But possibly of more relevance: “and the waters will stay contained”, or perhaps not it seems so often of late across the area. What is the relevance of the old manuscript to all this.....

Do you care for someone with dementia?

Written by PGC Webmaster on . Posted in Health Services

Do you care for someone with dementia?

We want to hear about your experience.

We are looking for people who care for friends or relatives with dementia to participate in a focus group Your feedback will help us to develop a new survey and improve our understanding of what life is really like to care for someone with dementia.

It will also help us to better understand the impact of a hospital admission on people who have dementia and the importance of working in partnership with carers

Focus groups will take place at a Royal Free London site and will take up to an hour. You will receive a £20 Love2 Shop voucher for taking part.

For more information or to sign-up, email   or call 01865 208 132.

This research is being carried out by the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust and the Picker Institute Europe, a health research charity (reg. no. 1081688)

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Acorn Theatre auditioning performers for Aladdin

Written by PGC Webmaster on . Posted in Theatre and Cinema

Ever wanted to star in a production? Wanting to tread the boards again?


Why not come and find out more about our next production 'Aladdin'? With direction by Dan Thomas (Seymour in 'Little Shop of Horrors' & Robbie in 'The Wedding Singer'), choreography by Nicola Edwards (Alice in 'Alice In Wonderland'), musical direction by Simon Payne and a script written by Ashley Jarvest (Cookie in 'Cinderella') this promises to be a magical and very funny pantomime not to miss!

  • Read-through - Wednesday 2nd September from 7.45pm to 10pm
  • Dance/Singing Workshop - Sunday 6th September from 3pm to 6pm
  • Principal Auditions - Wednesday 9th September from 7.30pm
  • Rehearsals - Wednesdays (7.45pm to 8pm) and Sundays (3pm to 6pm) starting Wednesday 30th September
  • Performances - 1st to 3rd January 2016

Please contact   for further information including rehearsal venue.

Acorn supports local charities - thank you for supporting Acorn.

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Warning: The "redirected credit card" scam

Written by PGC Webmaster on . Posted in Crime and Policing

Fox Lane & District Residents' Association is warning local residents of a scam that was tried out on one of its members recently (without success in this case):

This morning I received a British Airways American Express Credit card through the post in my name – I haven’t applied for one so have reported it to the American Express fraud team. They told me to cut the card up and that they would investigate further.

As I was doing this a caller came to the door saying that he was collecting his boss’s card application which should have gone to xxx Fox Lane, and had been told it had been redirected here. He claimed his boss worked for David Lloyd. Obviously we did not hand over the mail and he left saying he would return with some documents to explain the problem. He hasn’t reappeared.

The caller was probably in his 20s, dark skinned, wearing a dark blue T shirt, jeans and trainers.

I reported this to the police on 101, who promised officers would call on us within the hour to gather further information, which they did.

Because of noise from tree works in the road, the caller had been let in while discussing this; the Police said never do this because he could have picked up money, keys, other mail etc.

It seems likely that he was watching for the post to be delivered hoping to grab the letter before it was opened. I believe that making a false application and attempting to pick up the card when it arrives is a common scam. 

We have reported this to various credit and identity theft organisations.

Please advise friends/neighbours as appropriate, and call the Police on 101 if you receive any such calls etc.

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Enfield in Bloom: The Community Orchard goes gold

Written by PGC Webmaster on . Posted in News

There were six Palmers Green winners among the awards recently announced for the 2015 Enfield in Bloom competition, among them Gold for the Community Orchard in Broomfield Park.

pink apple blossom in broomfield community orchardApple blossom in Broomfield Community OrchardThe local winners were:

  • Broomfield Park Community Orchard was awarded Gold in the category Horticultural Contribution for the Local Community
  • Broomfield Conservatory was awarded Silver in the category Horticultural Contribution for the Local Community
  • Green Lanes Shopping Centre (Palmers Green) was awarded Silver in the Shopping Centres category
  • Hazelwood Schools were awarded Silver in the category School Grounds with Educational Aspect
  • The Ruth Winston Centre was awarded Bronze in the Public Building category
  • Broomfield Park was awarded Bronze in the Maintained Park category.

Congratulations to all the staff and volunteers who contributed towards winning these prizes.  But it's noticeable that all the local winners were community assets of various descriptions and that there were no winners among the various front garden categories.  Come on, Palmers Green householders, we want to see our front gardens looking just as beautiful as those elsewhere in the borough!

broomfield park and conservatory gatesBroomfield Park seen through the new gates of Broomfield Conservatory

The complete list of winners is shown below:

Enfield in Bloom 2015 Winners

Small Front Garden/Balcony

Mrs Erykah Ravel Stanley Road N9
Mr Gary Titchmarsh Mayall Close EN3
Ms Mary Macguckin Carrington Court N21
Mr & Mrs Arnold Gordon Road N9
Mrs Janet Allen Tottenhall Road N13
Mrs May Baldwin Raynham Road N18
Mrs Fatma Gokee St James Road N9
Mrs Janet Iontton Strand Place N18
Mrs Elaine Pitter Macleod Road N21
Veronica Batson Shirley Road EN2
Ms B Hurley Dowland House EN1

Medium Front Garden

Dr Julie Allen Fairgreen East EN4
Mrs Diana Davis Brigadier Hill EN2
Mr Bill Bossom Brodie Road EN2
Mr & Mrs Rawlins York Road N18
Mrs Stephanie Dickens Broadfields Avenue N21
Ms Helen Morrissey Southbury Road EN1
Mrs Lillian Kendell Dowland House EN1

Large Front Garden

Mr & Mrs D Fletcher Windward Close EN3
Mr Steve Baraskeva Tysoe Avenue EN3
Mr Alan Moynihan Gentlemans Row EN2
Mrs Stella Georgiou Hertford Road EN3

All Year Round Front Garden

Mrs Pierina Solito Broadlands Avenue EN3
Mr Savvas Kaccouris Beech Hill Avenue EN4
Ms Susan Savage Chase Road N14

Front Garden Also Used For Parking

Mr & Mrs P Wilkinson Hillside Crescent EN2
Mrs T Lombard College Gardens EN2
Mrs Jennifer Mote Uplands Way N21
Ms Jennifer Teeling Brodie Road EN2
Ms Elisabeth Williams Scotland Green Road EN3
Mr Dennis Chetty Percy Gardens EN3BRONZE
Mr Kenneth Wong Saint Johns Close N14
Mr & Mrs P Mills Gordon Hill EN2

Communal Gardens

Pegasus Court Green Lanes N21
Oakdene House Bycullah Road EN2
Anchor Court Village Road EN1
Brittany House Chantry Close EN2
Ingleborough Cavell Drive EN2
Buckfast House Priory Close N14
Blake Court Newsholme Drive N21
Homewillow Homewillow Close N21

Innovative Growing Space

Mrs Farenden Riley Road EN3
Mr David Evans Brodie Road EN2
St Marks Day Service Roman Way EN1

Innovative Growing Space (Allotments)

Mr Glen Hosford Ladysmith Road
Mrs Evelyn Craven Cheyne Walk
Mr Michael Mote Cheyne Walk
Mr Kenneth Wong Reservoir Road
Mrs Wendy Wong Reservoir Road


Woodcroft Wildspace Woodcroft N21
Victoria Goodson-Piper-Khan Eldon Road N9
Mrs Maureen Garside Hillside Crescent
Mr Bill Bossom Brodie Road EN2
Ms Ann Lovelock St Marks Road EN1
Mrs Hilary Stone Brodie Road EN2
Mr Maurice Colclough Chase Green Ave. EN2
Ms C Jennings Brodie Road EN2

Flower Bed or Street Planter

Metaswitch Bed Parsonage Lane
Horse Trough Church Street N9
Flower Beds Green Lanes/Compton Rd N21
Holmesdale Residents Bed Holmesdale EN8
Gordon Hill Res. Bed Gordon Hill/ Lavender Hill EN2

Residential Street
Brodie Road EN2
Primrose Avenue EN2
Abbotts Crescent EN2
Almshouses Church Street N9
Weardale Gardens EN2

Public Building

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church London Road EN2
Lancaster Road United Reformed Church EN2
Armfield Road Hall EN2
St Marks Day Service Millais Road EN1
Ruth Winston Centre Green Lanes N13
Ponders End Library High Street EN3
Brimsdown Railway Station EN3

Business Premises

The Royal Chace Hotel EN2
Tottenham Hotspur FC Training Ground Entrance EN2
Beales Ltd, West Lodge Park Hotel EN4

Horticultural Contribution for the Local Community

The Walled Garden Forty Hall Park
Community Orchard Broomfield Park
Conservatory Broomfield Park
Forty Hill & Bulls Cross Study Group Gdn. Old Forge Rd.
The Alleyway Shrubbery Gardens N21
Millfield House Gardens Silver Street N18

Public House

Moon Under Water 115-117 Chase Side EN2
Crown & Horseshoes 12-15 Horseshoe Lane EN2
The Beehive 24 Little Bury Street N9
The Pied Bull 5 Bulls Cross EN2

Maintained Park

Forty Hall Park
Chase Green Memorial Garden
Grovelands Park
Pymmes Park
Broomfield Park

Shopping Centres

Palace Gardens Shopping Centre
Green Lanes Shopping Centre N13

School Grounds with Educational Aspect

St Matthew’s Primary School EN3
Our Lady of Lourdes School N11
Hazelwood Schools N13
Merryhills Primary School EN2
West Lea School N9
Brettenham Primary School N18

Highway Bed or Open Space Planting

Edmonton Cemetery
Lavender Hill Cemetery
Holmesdale Access to Nature Gateway
Neighbourhood Garden, Painters Lane EN3

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volunteering opportunities in the Library and Museum Service

Written by PGC Webmaster on . Posted in Charities and Volunteering

The following information about volunteering opportunities was posted on the Enfield Council website this week.

Volunteering is fun, rewarding and it changes lives - volunteer now for Enfield's Library and Museum Service.

logoWe are looking for people from a range of ages and backgrounds to help us deliver fantastic projects in our Libraries, Local Studies Unit and Museum for the benefit of the whole community.

We have opportunities from helping out with our children's activities to sharing your IT skills by becoming a computer buddy.

Current volunteering opportunities:

Why should you volunteer with Enfield’s Library and Museum Service?

  • Increase your confidence in dealing with the public in a professional setting
  • Learn skills around customer care, confidentiality and Health and Safety
  • Gain valuable experience for your CV and a reference
  • Get personal satisfaction from helping other people to realise their potential

Anything else you should know?

  • Volunteers must be aged 14 or over
  • Volunteers under 18 will need to provide a signature from their parent or guardian before they take up their volunteer role
  • You will need to provide the contact details of two referees who are over 18, know you well but are not a member of your family
  • We cannot always guarantee a place at your first choice of library, so it would be helpful if you could indicate more than one library, in order of preference, to increase your chances (See here for details of Libraries in Enfield)
  • The roles are unpaid, but if you need to travel to a library you can claim bus fares
  • There is no requirement for DBS clearance for these opportunities
  • Completed application forms will be forwarded to one of your chosen libraries. Staff from that library will then be in touch to invite you in for a chat about the role, the hours and any requirements you have

*The Summer Reading Challenge is a national programme produced by the Reading Agency which encourages children aged 4 to 11 to keep up their reading skills during the summer holidays.  As a Summer Reading Challenge Ambassador we need you to be able to volunteer sometime during the period 25th July – 6th Sept 2015. Please indicate any dates you will be away during this time.


If you are interested in any of these roles please complete this application form and return it to the Digital Services Team or hand it to your local library.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Enfield Young People's Project needs volunteers!

Written by PGC Webmaster on . Posted in Charities and Volunteering

The Enfield Young People's Project (EYPP) needs volunteers! If you are looking for a volunteering opportunity working with young people and are over 18, apply today!

You will be supporting your people with interpersonal skills, to build their sense of responsibility and to make positive decisions about their education, health and future

You will also be

  • Making a positive contribution to your community
  • Learning new skills
  • Boosting your career options.

The next project starts on 4 November and full training will be provided on 7 and 8 October. The project runs for 13 weeks during school term time and you will need to be available on Wednesday afternoons.

For more information or to apply email   or call 020 8379&nbs;5418.

Make a difference to young people's lives today!


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Enfield playwright addresses e-safety issues

Written by PGC Webmaster on . Posted in Theatre and Cinema

An Enfield-based playwright is looking for actors to play parts in a play about the dangers of new media to be staged at the Dugdale Centre in January.

my name is tomMy name is tom is a new play by Alan Spence, whose company, Theatre is real life, will be performing the play from 13th to 16th January.

The play explores the problem of e-safety and new media for young people and adults.  What starts out as a typical boy-meets-girl story later goes horribly wrong. When Paris and Darnell are exposed, they aren’t the only ones.
My name is tom is part of an inter-generational education project supported by Enfield Council, the Enfield Residents Priority Fund, Face Front Inclusive Theatre, St Anne’s Catholic High School (Enfield) Woodside High and Riverside Schools (Haringey) and the BBC Get Creative scheme.

Also featured in the project will be a film of the performance, an education pack with contributions from young people and adults. In addition, there will be an Outreach session and workshops for your school and the wider community.

The play has 13 characters played by 9 actors

Characters in order of appearance

Kim Elliott: 16. Student Best friends with Paris. Works part time in Sainsbury’s.      Doubles as Mary Mathews.

Josh Grey: 11. Challenging behaviour, thinks he is street. Got stuff on his phone and doesn’t care who sees it. Doubles as Brian Coleman.

Sheree Francis: 13. Looks older and quite precocious, no wonder her parents worry. But who is the real adult when the trouble starts?

Tyrone Peters: 16. Darnell’s best friend. Student and keen sports person. Thinks he’s a Babe magnet. Of Afro – Caribbean heritage. Doubles as John Mathews.

Paris Mathews: 16. Student. Intelligent and ambitious. Professional parents. Of Afro–Caribbean heritage.

Darnell Coleman: 15. Student. Likes to keep fit. Good at French. Bit of a Mummy’s boy. Of Afro – Caribbean heritage.

Barrister: 30s. Advises on the Law. Doubles as Lois Coleman.

Dan Humphries: 11. Josh’s mate and always put upon. Keeps in with him by playing up. Doubles as Mr Francis.

John Mathews: Early 40s. Paris’s father. Local business man with textiles shop. Enjoys his tennis. Of Afro – Caribbean heritage. Doubles as Tyrone Peters.

Mary Mathews: Late 30s. Runs the family shop. Has her standards and takes her tennis seriously. Doubles as Kim Elliott.

Vanessa Francis: Mid 30s. Sheree’s mother. Head of Science and something of a snob.

Malcolm Francis: Late 30s. Sheree’s father. Office Manager of a supply company. Not ambitious and somewhat henpecked.

Lois Coleman: Early 30s. Darnell’s mother. Senior Care worker. Wraps Darnell in ‘cotton wool’, worries too much. French – Caribbean heritage. Doubles as Barrister

Brian Coleman: Mid 30s. Electrician. What you see is what you get. One of the lads and even fancies his chances at tennis.  Doubles as Josh Grey.

Auditions are as follows:

  • Wednesday 16th September: Males. 7pm – 10pm
  • Thursday 17th September: Females. 7pm – 10pm
  • Friday day 18th September: Males and Females. 7pm – 10pm
  • Wednesday 23rd September: Recalls 1   7pm – 10pm
  • Thursday 24th September: Recalls 2.  7pm – 10pm.
  • Payment will be by expenses.
  • Rehearsing twice a week: Mondays and Wednesdays.
  • Rehearsals: October, November and January.

Performances: Wed 13th January to Sat 16th January 2016 @ 7.45pm.
Matinees: Thursday 14th and Friday 15th January 2016. Times t.b.c.

Please send your up to date CV and headshot to t

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Enfield Council calls for names for new war memorial

Written by PGC Webmaster on . Posted in News

The following item was posted on the Enfield Council website on 12 August 2015

Enfield Council is asking all local residents for names of Enfield’s service men and women who sacrificed their lives in conflicts since 1945 for inclusion on a new war memorial.

The memorial, which is due to be constructed in early 2016, is being organised in partnership with the Suez Association and the Royal British Legion (RBL), and will be sited in Chase Green adjacent to the existing memorial.

It will bear the names of local men and women who have died post 1945, in conflicts such as Northern Ireland, the Falklands, Gulf, Afghanistan and Iraq Wars.

Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment, Cllr Daniel Anderson, said: “I am delighted that Enfield Council has found a suitable location for this war memorial, so we can erect a permanent and proper monument to the members of the armed forces who have given their lives in service to their country since World War Two.

“Not only will this memorial recognise their sacrifice, but in the tragic event of Enfield losing any more of its sons or daughters in foreign fields in the years to come, we will be able to mark their sacrifice and provide a lasting reminder to their heroism.

“So we are asking members of the public to please let us know of any local people who have given their lives in any conflict since 1945, so that their names may be included on the new memorial and recorded for posterity."

Information that will be needed include:
• The person’s name;
• Their last address;
• Where they died;
• Which conflict;
• The date they died;
• The unit that they were serving with;
• Your contact details.

If you do not know all the details please send us what you can.

The deadline for submissions is Friday 30 October at 5pm

Please send your names to  or call 020 8379 1000 and ask to be put through to the Parks Business Unit.

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Middlesex/Hertfordshire boundary marker restored

Written by Chris Horner on . Posted in Conservation

boundary obelisk at southgate greenAn 18th century stone boundary marker destroyed by council workmen years ago and left in ruins has been rebuilt by local conservation group Southgate Green Association. Local stonemasons Abacus Stone were awarded the task of piecing together the obelisk using methods adopted to restore the temple ruins at Karnak, Egypt. The obelisk is one of two remaining in Enfield.

The obelisk is located on Waterfall Road down the road from The Green, set back from the kerb on the bend and hidden from view behind a tree. It had been lying in pieces on the grass verge for some years.

This is the sister and next in line to the boundary obelisk at Minchenden Lodge.

The obelisk featured in an article published 80 years ago in the Palmers Green Gazette (9th August 1935).The article included a sketch of the obelisk sited on Waterfall Road opposite Chandos Avenue next to Ivy Cottage (Ivy Cottage was demolished to make way for houses built on Waterfall Close).

If anyone has knowledge relating to other similar County Boundary Markers, SGA would be pleased to hear from you at

Chris Horner is Chairman of the Southgate Green Association

Ivy Cottage Waterfall Road


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Consultation on draft North London Waste Plan

Written by PGC Webmaster on . Posted in North London Waste Plan

The redrafted version of the North London Waste Plan is currently out for consultation.  The previous version of the Waste Plan was withdrawn because it had not been properly consulted with affected authorities outside London.

Any resident is able to comment, but clearly most people will not have the expertise to assess the validity of the data it is based on and the policies it proposes.  The Pinkham Way Alliance, however, does have the required expertise and is currently formulating its response.

As with the original Waste Plan, the Alliance's two main concerns are to preserve as wildlife habitat the area known variously as Pinkham Wood/Friern Barnet Sewage Works and to prevent the North London boroughs signing up to excessively grandiose schemes for processing waste that bring potential environmental problems and/or cost too much.

As advised last month by Karl Brown, readers may wish to consider adding their names to the Pinkham Way Alliance's response to the draft plan once it is ready.

For more information and to register for information updates, visit

Consultation on Draft North London Waste Plan

What’s happening?

The seven North London Boroughs of Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Hackney, Haringey, Islington and Waltham Forest are working together to prepare the North London Waste Plan (NLWP).  The NLWP plans for seven waste streams, including household waste, business waste and construction waste.  It will provide the waste planning framework for North London up to 2032.

Following a ‘launch consultation’ in 2013 asking for views on what the NLWP should contain, we have now prepared a Draft Plan for consultation. The Draft Plan takes account of previous comments, together with an updated evidence base. The Draft Plan provides a waste waste planning framework for North London covering the following areas:

  • Aim and Objectives;
  • Spatial Strategy;
  • Current Waste Management in North London;
  • Future Waste Management Requirements;
  • Provision for North London’s Waste to 2032;
  • Locations suitable for new waste facilities;
  • Policies and Monitoring and Implementation

A number of background documents have also been prepared which explain in more detail how some of the options and policies presented have been developed, this includes the Waste Data Study, Sites and Areas Report and Options Appraisal Report. 

The Draft Plan is accompanied by further assessments, including a Sustainability Appraisal and a Habitats Regulation Assessment, which consider the potential for social, environmental and economic impacts. 

A special issue of the NLWP newsletter has been placed on the NLWP website (see details below) – this sets out the background to the plan and contains a summary of the main points.

How to get involved

The north London boroughs invite comments on the consultation documents over a nine week period from Thursday 30th July – Wednesday 30th September 2015.

During the consultation period, the Draft Plan and supporting material will be available:

Online at:

Reference paper copies will be available at the planning offices and libraries of the seven Boroughs, including Enfield Council Civic Centre (Silver Street, EN1 3XE, Mon-Fri, 9.00am – 5.00pm) and local libraries in Enfield.

As part of this consultation stage, we are holding a series of workshops and drop in sessions over one day in each of the seven Boroughs:

The workshop sessions will be held from 1-5pm. We are asking people to register for the afternoon workshop sessions to ensure that there are enough facilitators to help run the session and attendees will be notified of the venue details following registration.  To register to attend this event, please contact the planning team at or by phoning 020 7974 5916.

The drop in sessions will be held from 6-8pm.  An event has been planned in Enfield on 9th September.  The evening drop in sessions will be held at Green Towers Community Centre (see address details below). You can just turn up; no registration is required for these drop in sessions

The list of all the events is as follows:

Wednesday 2 September
Camden Centre,  Bidborough Street, Kings Cross WC1H 9JE

Thursday 3 September
Civic Centre, High Road, Wood Green N22 8LE

Tuesday 8 September
The Penridge Suite, 470 Bowes Road, New Southgate N11 1NL

Wednesday 9 September
Green Towers Community Centre, 7 Plevna Road Edmonton N9 0BU

Thursday 10 September
Haggerston Community Centre, 8 Lovelace Street E8 4FF.

Friday 11 September
Waltham Forest
Score Centre, 100 Oliver Road. Leyton.  E.10 5JY

Tell us what you think

You can comment on the Draft Plan using the following methods:

  • Online via the NLWP website, using a web based form; or
  • Send your response via email to ; or
  • Send your response (or completed paper questionnaires) via post to:

Archie Onslow
North London Waste Plan
Regeneration and Planning,
Camden Town Hall, Judd Street, WC1H 9JE

If you have access to the Internet, we would prefer you to submit your response online as this can assist in reducing the amount of paper used as part of this process.

For more information about the North London Waste Plan, please visit our website or contact the planning team: Website: ; Email: ; Tel: 020 7974 5916.

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Consultation on proposed controlled parking zone - Palmerston Crescent

Written by PGC Webmaster on . Posted in Traffic, Roads & Parking

Enfield Council are consulting residents about proposals for a controlled parking zone in Palmerston Crescent.  There is current and likely future pressure on parking in this street because of the ongoing "Deadmans Bridge" sewer replacement work, the new flats being built on the site of the former Town Hall and in the grounds of Truro House and the planned increase in the number of buses based at Palmers Green bus garage.


For fuller information, see the Bowes & Bounds Connected website.  The deadline for responding is 15th August.

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Planned new Aldermans Hill coffee shop applying for alcohol licence

Written by PGC Webmaster on . Posted in Planning & Development

A resident of the Lakes Estate has contacted us with information about a notice posted outside the former Anthony Webb shop in Aldermans Hill.

I just wondered if residents on the Lakes Estate are aware of the new planning notice in the window of the premises on the corner of Lakeside Road and Aldermans Hall? Anthony Webb were there briefly, but the new owner (who has stated that it will be a coffee house) has now applied for a licence for alcohol, music and TV.   I wonder if the second licence is actually trying to establish it as a bar. A cafe is fine but I suspect a lot of residents might feel a bar is not ,as it is very close to residential streets and the park. if only it could be a bakery, or a butchers. That’s what we really need.

There are 28 days to contest according to the planning.

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Posted: 11 Aug 2015 19:58 by Colin Younger #1466
Colin Younger's Avatar
Thanks to the resident who first noticed this. There are issues about the timing of this which need exploring, quite apart from the idea itself.

Lakeside Road residents are now considering our next steps.
Posted: 12 Aug 2015 08:25 by G Mo #1468
G Mo's Avatar
I asked the café if this was normal procedure for a café/coffee shop & he said that he doesn't need this type of licence for their service. Please be aware that this is a totally different regime than planning. Licensing applications have to meet different criteria. Enfield website states:

Local residents and businesses can object to applications for premises licences under one or more licensing objectives, which are :

•Prevention of crime and disorder
•Promotion of public safety
•Prevention of public nuisance
•Protection of children from harm

You will notice this is difficult to comment on before the nature of the premises is known.

According to the date of the notice, the 28 days has almost expired even though the notice was only displayed yesterday.

The Planning application for the change of use to a café could control the hours of opening. I hope the planning officers will have included this in their consideration?????

I would feel very nervous walking home from the station at night having to pass by drinkers sitting at the pavement tables. (Where will the smoking area be?) Unfortunately, it may have to open first to see how it is managed. That is why the conditions on the Planning app for change of use may be more relevant in controlling the hours.
Posted: 12 Aug 2015 23:35 by Andrew Nix #1473
Andrew Nix's Avatar
Ahh the problems of the Lake roads!
Posted: 14 Aug 2015 14:33 by George Georgiou #1488
George Georgiou's Avatar
As the freeholder of the shop in question I can assure everyone that it is not the intention to create a danger or nuisance. It will indeed become a coffee shop "plus" and is expected to become a useful and much needed amenity which will enhance the area. It will certainly not become a pub or wine bar, though wine may sometimes supplement their offerings (no one complains of wine being served in restaurants), and operations will not continue till late in the evening.

It is not my place to explain the new owners' plans, which should becomes manifest in the next few weeks, but I will request that they display some kind of information board in the shop whilst modifications are being made inside.
That they have not already done so is purely because the new lease has only just been completed.
Posted: 14 Aug 2015 15:01 by Colin Younger #1489
Colin Younger's Avatar
Hi George,
The problem it's not with what is being described as the concept but matching this with the extent of the premises licence application and the amount of outside use being applied for.
Once such a broad licence is granted for the premises and the outside area there's nothing to stop a very different operation facing residents.
Posted: 14 Aug 2015 15:54 by George Georgiou #1490
George Georgiou's Avatar
Hi Colin,
I can understand your concerns in the absence of detailed information. I too would be concerned for the sake of my residential tenants in the flats above so I have had certain protections built into the lease, regardless of whatever planning consent or licences might be granted.
As for the amount of outside space they have applied for no more than other establishments on the road already have.
Posted: 14 Aug 2015 16:18 by Colin Younger #1491
Colin Younger's Avatar
Interesting that you are asking for additional protection. The thing is that the on line licence application does give details about hours and types of activity. What are indoor sports by the way?
Does anywhere else on Aldermans Hill or Green Lanes have such a large area for eating and drinking on the pavement?
I'll leave it there I think.
This is written as a resident of Lakeside Road.

Anti-TTIP campaigners in Palmers Green on 22nd August

Written by PGC Webmaster on . Posted in News

Local members of the campaigning group 38 Degrees will be holding an event in Palmers Green on Saturday 22nd August as part of nationwide campaign against TTIP - the Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership.

Campaigners will be talking to passers-by and collecting signatures for a petition at the Triangle, starting at 11am and continuing into the afternoon.

TTIP is a proposed deal designed to facilitate trade between the USA and countries in the European Union.  However, 38 Degrees - and many other organisations and individuals - believe that it would give commercial corporations undue influence over laws, rules and regulations in the EU member states.  For instance, it would allow US firms to sue the governments of countries which attempted to bring in tougher regulations than those current in the US - for instance, on packaging of cigarettes or on welfare standards for farm animals.

38 Degrees recommends a brief explanation of the arguments for and against TTIP on the Daily Telegraph website.  There is also more information on the 38 Degrees website, including the video shown below.

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Proposal to commission an integrated NHS 111 and GP out-of-hours service – feedback sought on draft specification

Written by PGC Webmaster on . Posted in Health Services

The five Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in north central London (Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Haringey and Islington) are proposing to commission the NHS 111 and GP out-of-hours services through a combined contract across north central London (NCL). Engagement with local people has been ongoing.

As part of the commissioning process, contract documentation will be created to describe the kind of service that is required - this is called a service specification. This will help organisations who are interested in providing the new service understand what will be required from them and the type of quality measures the CCGs will be using to manage the performance of the future providers.

The CCGs would like to ensure that our NHS 111 and out-of-hours services meet local needs and deliver the best possible standard of care, and are therefore sharing the draft specification online so that people can see the detail of what is being proposed and offer any additional comments.

Information about the engagement and the reasons behind these proposals can be found here.

The draft service specification can be found here.

If you would like to comment on this draft specification, please e-mail  or call 020 3688 1615. The document will be online for comments until 19 August 2015.

[This information was taken directly from this page on the Healthwatch Enfield website.]

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Enfield Citizens Advice Bureau to provide financial advice from September

Written by PGC Webmaster on . Posted in News

From 2nd September Enfield Citizens Advice Bureau will provide an independent financial advice service.

The bureau’s new volunteer financial adviser is Minesh Patel, a Chartered Financial Planner who was awarded the prestigious honour of "Adviser of the Year" at the FT Financial Adviser's Life and Pensions Awards in 2014. He will be available by appointment every Wednesday afternoon to provide free advice on a wide range of subjects including planning for retirement or long term care needs.

To book an appointment to see Minesh, please either call CAB on 020 8375 4170 or email your details to   with the subject line 'IFA appointment’.  If you are unable to travel to CAB telephone appointments are available.

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See life in Palmers Green in the 1950s

Written by PGC Webmaster on . Posted in Local History

BFI Player, the online video streaming service run by the British Film Institute, recently launched a channel called Britain on Film, featuring footage from across the years and across the country.

coronation filmAmong the local films that can be viewed for free are two featuring Palmers Green in the 1950s:

The Coronation film is fascinating for many reasons, not least for the sheer number of people who in the 1950s were involved in various local clubs and societies.

The Running Track film, wrongly placed as being from the 1930s, but clearly filmed in 1950, is notable for including Norris McWhirter (a local resident and one of the runners) and  John Disley, a Welsh Olympian and one of the founders of the London Marathon.

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Enfield Town Market modernises - but it mustn't forget the people who use it now

Written by Basil Clarke on . Posted in News

A major revamp of Enfield Town Market, due to take place in October, has the aim of smartening up the market, increasing the range of goods on sale and extendingopening hours.  Good news - but it is important that the new management do not ignore the current traders and the customers who frequent the market because of its low prices and friendly and familiar stallholders.

enfieldmarket logo 03The body responsible for both the Market and the Market Place on which it is held is the Old Enfield Charitable Trust, which distributes a proportion of the profits from the Market as charity and also owns almshouses.  Until recently the Charitable Trust ran the market directly, but it is now employing an outside company to manage the market - most probably a company with a track record of relaunching markets that are in decline.  Though the name of this company has not been made public, we do know that the website for the new Enfield Market ( is registered in the name of someone associated with managing markets in the West Country.

enfield town marketThe cheery red and white awnings will disappear in OctoberThe new managers plan to do away with all the current traditional stalls, with their cheery red and white striped awnings, and instead install standardised "gazebos", arranged in regular rows (the two greengrocers already have their gazebos).  Rather than bringing in and taking away their goods each day, stallholders will be expected to leave their wares in the gazebos overnight.

Currently the market, whose history can be traced back to 1303, operates on Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings and closes mid-afternoon (4pm on Thursday and Friday, 5pm on Saturday).  From October the opening hours will be 11am to 8pm on Thursdays and Fridays and 9am to 6pm on Saturdays.  These new times are likely to be better from the point of view of most shoppers, but are not welcomed by some of the current stallholders, for whom they will require significant changes.  Greengrocers, butchers and fishmongers, for example, have to visit wholesale markets (Billingsgate, New Covent Garden etc) in the wee small hours and would find it difficult to then work until 8pm.  In fact, traditional market traders are not geared up at all for nine-hour working and many would have to introduce shift working and extra employees, which, unless their sales increase, would eat into already slim profit margins.

Advertising by the new company reveals a clear desire to move upmarket.  They says the are looking for "exceptional traders able to provide quality produce displayed in a professional manner to reflect the new image of Enfield Market".  So we can perhaps expect the very traditional and slightly ramshackle English town market that we now have to be replaced by something more along the lines of Borough Market, the Covent Garden Thursday food market or upmarket farmers' markets such as the Alexandra Palace market.

There's no doubt that these markets sell some very high quality products that it would be nice to be able to buy in Enfield Town.  And hopefully the new market will attract more shoppers and help revive the Town - perhaps leading to new tenants for the shops in Church Street that are currently empty.  But what about the current traders and shoppers, some of whom have been selling and buying at the market for many years?  The fruit and veg they sell are of high quality, but at prices that are a fraction of those charged at Borough Market (or in supermarkets, for that matter). What about the customers who rely on the market for proper food at prices they can afford?  It is vital that these people, who have kept this traditional market alive, do not fall foul to "gentrification".  Without them, Enfield Market would have ceased to exist long ago.  The new management must take proper account of their concerns and take Enfield Market forward as somewhere where young and old, cool and uncool, rich and poor can buy and sell alongside one another.

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Posted: 11 Aug 2015 19:17 by PGC Webmaster #1462
PGC Webmaster's Avatar
It now seems that the new management company has reached a compromise with existing traders - instead of running through until 8pm on Thursdays and Fridays, the closing time will be 5.30pm

The relaunched market will feature gazebos with green awnings arranged geometrically - see the diagram. There will be a "food court" and a seating area for customers.

A Talkies Talk

Written by PGC Webmaster on . Posted in News

This weekend one of the volunteers who help run Talkies Community Cinema will be giving a Talk of her own.  Ruth Tosha Mulandi will be giving a lecture on behalf of WEA Enfield & Southgate entitled Down the Rabbit Hole:  Cinematic Tales of the Fantastic.

8th August 10:00-12:15


150 years of Alice and then 130 years of cinema that continued the tradition of nonsense and fantasy.

WEA tutor Ruth Tosha Mulandi discusses classic examples from the early pioneers to the present day.

Venue: Southgate House 15 Cannon Hill N14 7DJ

Fee: £8 Pay on Door or contact Norma Chapman 020 8882 0615

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