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Legal challenge to A105 cycle lanes plans

Written by Basil Clarke Published on . Posted in Cycle Enfield (Mini-Holland)

Opponents of Enfield Council's cycle lanes proposals have initiated legal action aimed at stopping implementation of plans for cycle lanes along the A105.

The Save Our Green Lanes campaign last week served the council with papers in connection with its application for a High Court judicial review of the way the council has conducted consultations about the scheme, which envisages the creation of continuous cycle lanes between Enfield Town and Palmers Green.

Costas Georgiou, Chairman of the Green Lanes Business Association and a leading member of Save Our Green Lanes, has accused Enfield Council of not providing some key documents during the consultation process.  The documents were eventually made available, but Mr Georgiou says that subsequently the council failed to "engage with people in a meaningful way".

In parallel to the legal challenge the campaigners are collecting signatures for a petition addressed to the Mayor of London, requesting him to "stop TfL from imposing an unworkable cycle lane scheme on Enfield".

The role of judicial reviews

Judicial reviews do not look at the merits of a public authority's proposals - in this case, whether or not the cycle lanes proposals are a good or bad idea.  Their function is instead to decide whether or not the process by which the authority reached its decision was lawful, including whether or not relevant parties were properly consulted.  If Save Our Green Lanes were to win their case, Enfield Council would either have to rerun the consultation or simply abandon the scheme.

The Waltham Forest judicial review

In 2015 anti-Mini Holland campaigners in Walthamstow applied for a judicial review of Waltham Forest Council's scheme for cycle lanes and road closures.  Like the Enfield campaigners, E17Streets4All asserted that the consultation process had not been carried out lawfully.  Their challenge was rejected by Mr Justice Holgate, who was quoted as saying that there was “no merit whatsoever” in the challenge, the parties had been able to make their concerns known and the issues raised had been given careful consideration.  E17Streets4All was ordered to pay £10,000 in costs. 

Not a foregone conclusion

While in outline the two cases are similar, there will inevitably have been some differences in the way the two councils have carried out consultation, so the same outcome is not a foregone conclusion.

Even if the Council wins, the court case is likely to prevent work starting this summer - the Waltham Forest case took some four or five months to resolve.  And even if costs were awarded against Save Our Green Lanes, they would probably not cover the council's total expenditure on legal support.  The only surefire winners are the legal profession.

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32 years in Broomfield Park

Published on . Posted in Parks & Open Space

When Bob Mitchell started his job as a gardener in Broomfield Park he was one of twelve people employed by the council to care for the park.  That was in 1984.  32 years later, many of the people whose work keeps the park looking beautiful are volunteers, members of the Friends of Broomfield Park.

chris kaufman presents leaving present to bob mitchellChris Kaufman (left) presents Bob Mitchell with a retirement present on behalf of the Friends of Broomfield ParkNevertheless, there is a big difference between what can be done by volunteers in their spare time and what can be achieved by a professionally trained full-time gardener.  So it was with regret that the Friends of Broomfield Park last week said goodbye to Bob, who has taken retirement.

As well as cutting staff, the council have over the years been reducing expenditure on the park.  But every cloud has a silver lining.  When, in 2013, funds for bedding plants dried up, some of the beds where they would have gone were grassed over and Bob found he had more time to devote to one of the glories of Broomfield Park - the very long herbaceous border that runs alongside one of the park's historic walls.

In recognition of Bob's contribution to Broomfield Park the Friends last week hosted a reception in Broomfield Conservatory, where they presented him with a very special leaving present - a set of handcrafted miniature gardening tools, commissioned by the friends and made by craftsman extraordinaire Ralph Hutchings.

bob mitchells retirement present close upThe contents of the box - a miniature gardening set made by Ralph Hutchings. The base and sides of the wheelbarrow are made from an elm from Broomfield Park. The chassis and handles are made from boxwood grown on the Sandringham estate. The raised bed and watering can use limewood grown in Broomfield Avenue. The tool shafts are made of tulipwood (magnolia) from Broomfield Avenue. The nickel sheet comes from a recycled Rolls Royce radiator

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Palmers Green station to lose its car park exit?

Published on . Posted in Public Transport

The installation of ticket gates at Palmers Green station almost certainly means that the exit from platform 2 to the car park will eventually be closed, which will cause significant inconvenience for some station users.

great northern logoAn unfortunate "side effect" of the installation of automatic ticket gates at National Rail stations in London and elsewhere has been that secondary side or rear entrance/exits to stations have been closed.  This is not just to prevent people entering or leaving without a valid ticket or oyster card, but also because it is necessary to have a member of staff close at hand when automatic gates are in use.

In some cases the loss of secondary entrances and exits causes significant inconvenience to passengers.  For instance, at Ilford station in east London passengers who previously used the back entrance now have to walk up to a third of a mile further.

At Palmers Green the extra walking distance will be fairly negligible, but closure of the side gate will still create inconvenience.  People with walking difficulties or heavy luggage will be forced to walk up the stairs when arriving on a train from London - currently they only have to negotiate a couple of steps and a ramp up to Aldermans Hill.  When a crowded train arrives in the evening rush hour the stairs and concourse will become congested - creating  particular difficulty for anyone trying to get down to the platform when most people are leaving the station.

At the moment it is unclear whether automatic gates will be brought into use any time soon.  It may be that it depends on Govia Great Northern going ahead with their plan to close the ticket office and instead deploy a member of staff on the concourse at the top of the stairs.  The most recent news we have (dating from early April) is that London Travelwatch had asked (or perhaps told?) Govia to rethink its plans and run pilot schemes.

There will be an opportunity on 9th June to question Govia about its plans (and about its failure to run services as scheduled).  David Burrowes MP has arranged a public meeting with Govia representatives at the United Reformed Church in Winchmore Hill.

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Helping Lisa and the many like her

Published on . Posted in Charities and Volunteering

photoLisa Rutty is a Friend of Talkies and volunteer. You may have seen her on the Talkies stall at festivals and at events. It was Lisa who brought local actor Jeremy Swift to Talkies for 'Downhill' and 'Men in Shorts'.

Lisa is very gifted, kind, and fun to be with. She has helped out as a volunteer with many other local organisations.

Tragically, late last year aged 53, Lisa suffered a major stroke and then contracted bacterial meningitis, resulting in serious brain damage.

Lisa's partner Kevin is supporting her through these difficult times and would like to invite you to a charity gala to raise funds for the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, where Lisa is being treated. Lisa is one of the many people the hospital has treated with stroke, multiple sclerosis (MS), brain cancer, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, and Prion disease.

It would be great if you could support Kevin on Wednesday 15 June at the Backyard Comedy Club in Bethnal Green.


Can't make it? then donate to the appeal? HERE.


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Step-free access at Palmers Green station - on its way, but not for a while

Published on . Posted in Public Transport

letter to joanne mcartney re pg and ap station accessibilityThe Department for Transport has confirmed that step-free access to the platforms at Palmers Green and Alexandra Palace stations is still planned, but not for another three or four years.

Joanne McCartney, London Assembly Member for Enfield & Haringey (and as of this month, Statutory Deputy Mayor of London), this week published a letter from the DfT assuring her that "Access for All" schemes "will be proceeding", but are "in the early stages of planning".  The letter stated that Network Rail "is currently aiming to to deliver the schemes in 2019/20".

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The Acting Space presents - a full-day screen acting masterclass

Published on . Posted in Theatre and Cinema

Acting Space Logo

From table-read to editing suite, create an entire short film in just 24 hours!

The Acting Space are thrilled to invite you to a special full day Screen Acting Masterclass in which you will learn basic technique in acting for screen, and then rehearse and film a short scene in just ONE DAY!!

No audition required. No previous experience necessary.

Saturday 23rd July
Millfield House, Silver street, Edmonton. N18 1PJ

How it works

You will receive a carefully chosen script which suits your casting beforehand so you can prepare and learn your lines.

On the day, we will start with exploring key acting techniques in a masterclass with actor and filmmaker, Will Austin (Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation, 24: Live Another Day, Babylon) Then we will rehearse your scenes before filming them on location.

The next day, you will receive a fully edited version of your film to keep. A great opportunity to generate show-reel material!

All for £130 (price includes lunch and refreshments)

Get in touch for more info and to book your place!

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NHS services in Enfield facing further cutbacks

Published on . Posted in Health Services

Despite increases in the borough's population, the organisation that pays for NHS services in Enfield is being asked to cut its expenditure by nearly five per cent this year.

nhsThe scale of savings being required was revealed at the 11th May meeting of the governing body of Enfield Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). At the meeting it was confirmed that the CCG has been ordered to institute a Recovery Plan in order to clear its deficit, totalling £33.4 million. This figure equates to nearly 9 per cent of its annual allocation of £330 million.

The CCG, a GP-led body which pays for all NHS services for the borough's residents, was set up in late 2012 as part of the major health service reform carried out by the Coalition Government. That it should have built up such a large deficit so quickly suggests that its initial allocation of funding was inadequate.

The CCG's spending reduction target for the current financial year was originally £9.9 million, but NHS England has now ordered further cuts, bringing the savings target up to £17.1 million. The CCG is due to draw up a plan to achieve these savings by the end of May, after which it will be discussed with NHS England before decisions are made about its implementation. Asked to provide assurances that the cuts would not cause unacceptable deterioration in local services and possible risk to patients, the CCG management stated that "the CCG is a clinically led organisation – decisions will not be made without clinical support".

The next meeting of the CCG's Governing Body is on 13th July at 2.30pm. Members of the public may observe, but not speak. However, they can submit written questions in advance - these must refer to items on the agenda. For more information see the CCG website.

Links to documents

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Cycle Enfield A105 revisions

Published on . Posted in Cycle Enfield (Mini-Holland)

The revised drawings for the planned cycle lanes along the entire length of the A105 between Enfield Town and Palmers Green are now available online.  The drawings reproduced below show the most important sections in Palmers Green only.

In addition to the drawings the Council has published a "You said - we did" list:

You Said - We Did

  • You were concerned about the bus stop design – we have amended the design at 22 bus stops to create additional space between the bus and the cycle lane alignment.
  • You were concerned about people with disabilities getting access to where they need to go – we can confirm that the Dial-a-Ride buses and any Blue Badge holder will be able to set down and pick-up within the lightly segregated cycle lanes. Disabled parking spaces will also be available in public car parks and in high street locations.
  • You said you were concerned about loading along the route – we have ensured the same volume of formal loading in the high streets for local businesses.
  • You were concerned about our proposal to remove the informal crossing by Regency Court – we’ve altered our plans and will now upgrade this to a Zebra crossing.
  • You were concerned about our proposal to remove the northbound bus stop at Bush Hill Gardens – we’ve altered our plans and we will now retain this bus stop.
  • You were concerned about our proposal to make Vicars Moor Lane exit only – we’ve altered our plans and this will now remain as two-way working.
  • You were concerned about high street car parking in the Green Dragon area of Winchmore Hill – from Elm Park Road to Elsiedene Road, 75% of the high street car parking spaces (proposed 41 spaces versus the current 55) will remain, with a further 10 spaces replacing the current unrestricted parking.
  • You did not like the proposals to prevent northbound traffic turning left into Station Road – we’ve amended the design to keep the slip road that will now allow this left turn and parking on the slip road.
  • You were concerned about where the 125 bus would terminate – we were proposing that the 125 terminate off route, but have now incorporated a bus stand in a similar place to where it currently terminates.
  • You were concerned about car parking in Winchmore Hill Broadway – we have amended the design to create a further 3 on-street car parking spaces in this area. From Fords Grove to Sainsbury’s, 76% of the high street car parking spaces (proposed 45 spaces versus the current 59) are included in the design. We will convert Fords Grove car park into pay and display to create more stop and shop car parking, including 20 spaces that will be free for 45 minutes.
  • You were concerned about our proposal to move the bus stops away from Sainsbury’s entrance – we’ve now amended the design to move the bus stops close to the store entrance, merging the two zebra crossings in this area to provide one central crossing directly by the store entrance.
  • You were concerned about the relocation of the northbound bus stop by St Monica’s church – we have returned bus stops to their current location and have upgraded the informal crossing by St Monica’s to a new Zebra crossing.
  • You were concerned about the lack of a safe crossing point between Fox Lane and Bourne Hill – in our original design we have included a new Zebra crossing in this section.
  • You said you were concerned about car parking in this section of Palmers Green – within the designs, we have included 70% of the high street car parking spaces (26 spaces proposed versus the current 37) between Fox Lane and Bourne Hill.
  • You were concerned about reducing traffic flow through Palmers Green – we have decided to remove the proposed traffic signals at Fox Lane and convert this to a T-junction.
  • Some people were concerned about converting Hazelwood Lane into exit only – we have amended the designs to keep this two-way.
  • You said you were concerned about the removal of the Fox Pub bus stop – although we still propose just one northbound bus stop between the Triangle and Fox Lane, we have amended the design to ensure it sits in a central position on this stretch of high street.
  • You said you were concerned about car parking in this section of Palmers Green – in the amended designs, from Fox Lane to Alderman’s Hill we have incorporated 91 % of the current on-street car parking spaces (43 spaces proposed versus the current 47). In addition, a redesign of Lodge Drive car park will see 20 extra spaces added, these will be free for 45 minutes to encourage use for stop and shop. The number of spaces available in this car park will be displayed on the high street.
  • We asked for your opinions on two different options at the junction for Alderman’s Hill – based on your responses, the Triangle will remain, with a co-design workshop on Wednesday 25th May to help shape the design – apply online by Friday 20th May.
  • We offered two options for connecting this route with the existing cycle route in Haringey – we have decided to move forward with the design where people will connect via Palmerston Crescent.


The drawings below for part of the Palmers Green section have been extracted from the complete online drawings.

triangle layoutPalmers Green Triangle - click on the plan for a larger version

lodge drive junctionLodge Drive junction - click on the plan to enlarge

Key changes - Broomfield Lane to the Triangle

  • Option which retains the Triangle will be taken forward.
  • Contra-flow cycle facility introduced on Devonshire Road
  • Northbound and southbound bus stop between Fox Lane and Alderman's Hill realigned
  • Half metre buffer strip introduced at southern bus stops
  • One metre buffer strip introduced at northern bus stop
  • Northbound cycle crossing added to Broomfield Lane junction
  • Designated loading bay provided outside rear access of Ruth Winston House

fox lane junctionFox Lane junction - click on the plan to enlarge

Key changes - Fox Lane/Hazelwood Lane stretch

  • Fox Lane junction converted to a T-junction
  • Hazelwood Lane reverted to two-way
  • Pedestrian crossing relocated from south of Devonshire Road to north of Hazelwood Lane
  • Northbound bus stop relocated to a central position between Fox Lane & Alderman's Hill. This returns southbound bus stop closer to its current position
  • Contra-flow cycle facility introduced on Devonshire Road 

hedge lane junctionGreen Lanes/Hedge Lane/Bourne Hill junction - click on the plan to enlarge

Key changes - Hedge Lane/Bourne Hill stretch

  • Informal crossing by St Monica's upgraded to a zebra crossing
  • Bus stops retained in current location — which removes 2 parking spaces.
  • Cycle lane re-aligned to the inside of parking bays
  • Half metre buffer strip introduced at southern bus stops
  • Bus stand at junction retained


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Trent Park owners reveal more detail of their evolving plans

Published on . Posted in Conservation

The company that owns the former university campus in Trent Park is hoping to create 245 new homes on the site.  It is willing for part of the historic mansion to be used as a museum, but campaigners are disappointed with the amount of space the company is willing to allocate to this purpose.  There will be a public meeting about the campaign for a museum on 16th June.

The Emerging Masterplan

Berkeley Homes revealed details of how their ideas for development of the former campus are evolving at the third public consultation event, held earlier this month.  The display boards used for the consultation provided considerably more detail about Berkeley's plans than previously.  The "Emerging Masterplan" has taken account of feedback from two previous public consultation events and discussions with more than a dozen "local stakeholder groups".

Berkeley has summarised its current thinking as follows:

  1. A long term solution that restores and refurbishes the Mansion House to its former glory by removing the 1960's/70s former university buildings, reinstating the terrace and the Union Jack forecourt and associated landscaping.
  2. Residential uses in the Mansion House at part-ground and upper floors to ensure its long term viability and public access for the first time at part basement and part-ground floor.
  3. A landscape-led masterplan that removes the former university buildings to open up and transform the setting of the Green Belt and Mansion House, reinstates the sites historic landscape including Lime Tree Avenue and Wisteria Walk and integrates the site into the wider Trent Country Park.
  4. To provide long term public access across the site.
  5. To restore and re-use the majority of buildings which are identified as making a positive contribution to the Trent Park Conservation Area.
  6. To secure the long term viable future of the site through the delivery of new homes that are sensitively located, of a high quality design and contextually appropriate to the setting of the historic buildings and landscape.

trent park emerging master plan may 2016 "Emerging Masterplan" for Trent Park mansion and former university campus
(Click on the image to see larger version in a new window)

 The masterplan currently envisages creating 245 houses and flats, as shown below;

trent park housing numbers

31 of the flats would be located either in the mansion itself or in other existing buildings that are considered worthy of retention.

Vehicular access to the site would be via Snakes Lane and Berkeley plan to provide a frequent shuttle-bus service linking the new housing with Bramley Road.  They predict that the daily number of vehicles using Snakes Lane would be smaller than was the case when Middlesex University had its campus in Trent Park.

A further public event is planned for the summer and Berkeley hope to submit planning applications this autumn.

trent park key dates

The above is a short summary - for much more detail see the display boards used at the consultation.

Museum proposals "unacceptable"

Save Trent Park, the organisation that is campaigning for a museum in the mansion to memorialise its "secret listeners" role in World War 2, has expressed satisfaction that some of the points listed in its online petition will be met.  However, they consider that Berkeley's initial proposals for the musem are "unacceptable in their current form".  Berkeley is offering half of the ground floor and a third of the basement, with access to the museum via a side entrance.  Save Trent Park consider want a museum and associated cafe and gift shop occupying the entire ground floor and basement "as a minimum" and insist that "nothing less than public access through the mansion's grand front entrance will do".

Save Trent Park will be holding a public meeting at Christ Church, Cockfosters, on Thursday 16 June from 7pm to discuss the museum proposal. Speakers include the CEO of the Bletchley Park Trust, Iain Standen, WW2 veteran and secret listener Fritz Lustig, Jason Charlambous and Dr Helen Fry. The meeting will be chaired by David Burrowes MP, and representatives from Berkeley Homes and Enfield Council will attend to update the public on their positions.



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Come and check out the new Wildlife Pond...

Published on . Posted in Parks & Open Space

The ducks already have, and they seem to like it.

wildlife pond 22nd may

The Broomfield Orchard team will be working on the pond on Sunday afternoons - 2pm to 4.30pm.  And they're always on the lookout for more volunteers - contact .

map of wildlife pond in broomfield park

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